In the woods:

You didn’t bring a map! So we just start walking around and see what we can find! Exit the screen on the right. More wood, more trees. You’re in the center of the screen. Exit on the right again. More trees pfff. There’s a dark brown one at the far right of the screen. In front of it, a bit to the right is a BRANCH. Pick it up. Leave the screen where you entered: on the left. Go south in the center of the screen. You’re back where you started. So we’re not completely lost…. yet.

Go south again from where you’re standing. You can’t walk further down here so we’ll leave on the right of the screen. You have to walk a bit north to get there though. You can see a bunch of rocks here. Nowhere else to go but… over them? Not really. The rock on the left, the lowest of all can be moved. But not with bare hands. Good thing to pick up that branch. Use the branch on the white rock on the left and it will move. You can now pass. First a bit north, then exit the screen on the right. You’re in front of a castle now. Walk all the way north, but stay on the left side of the castle. Then walk to the right, behind the castle. You’ll disappear but keep walking. You’ll find the back entrance eventually. Keep walking north in the next screen to enter the castle.

In the castle:


Two knights in shining armor. This must be the castle. Two rooms: one on the left, one on the right. But that fire… that must be put out! How? Walk to the left. You’re in a room with water on the floor. Follow the stream. In the middle is a doorway to the right. Enter it. There’s the cause of al evil: a broken pipe. Enough water to get the fire out. But we must get the water to the fire. Get thre ROPE from the wall. Leave the room at the lowerleft corner of the screen. Then exit at the south side and you’re back in the main hall.

Enter the room on the right. There’s a cup standing on a pedestal. Try to take the cup and the ghost will prevent it. Time to be smarter than a ghost. Use the rope you just took. Tie it around the pedestal and leave the room. Just follow the rope to the main hall. Pull the rope. The ghost can’t see you here. Now you can take the CUP from the pedestal. Back to the wet room on the left. Enough water coming from that pipe. But a bit too much. Taking it from the floor isn’t a good idea either with all those larvae. Now there is a spigot. But all the water is flowing throught the broken pipe so we have to divert the flow. Here’s how: you can’t always see what’s there.

[Save your game here, cause you can die!]

Enter the room with the big ballcock but be carefull not to get hit by it. So stay close to the wall on this side. Now walk to the left, all the way to the left wall. You have to put your mouse almost in the lowerleft corner. A close-up view of a gauge, a lever and one red and one blue valve. Pull the lever. Turn the red valve and turn the blue valve. The water will stop, the ballock stopped moving and the pressure is back to zero. You can now use your cup on the spigot. One CUP OF WATER. Leave the room on the bottomleft of the screen and the next screen on the south. You’re back in the main hall again. Use the water on the fire. It will go out. You can now walk straight ahead to the next room.

The Muses:

A room with nine beautiful ladies. (Or a bunch of women as you call it). Talk to them. They’re muses. When you’ve been introduced to all, they’ll start asking the questions. Answer them. Whenever they are satisfied, they’ll have a gift for you. Socks? You have that. A map? Well… a special map then. In three bottles. Pick up the RED POTION. Drink it by using it on yourself. Put back the bottle, don’t keep it. Take the YELLOW POTION. Put also back that bottle and take the BLUE POTION. Put that bottle back as well. We like to travel light. Leave the room on the north side. The door is near the beam in the center of the screen. You’re in the main hall again. Leave it on the south. You’re outside.

The woods again:

Leave the screen on the south and you’re next to the castle. Leave this screen on the south as well, in the screen with the rocks south again and in the screen with the open spot we’ll exit at the left. Hé, this place looks familiar. It’s where we started. At this point we’ll exit on the left side. Then exit on the left again but near the top of the screen. There’s the temple.

The Temple:

Climb the steps in the middle and walk as far back as possible. The temple will fade a bit but since you had those potions, it will come back again. Now go to the right. You’re entering the temple.  At the screen with the ruin, go to the right. Big pictures of gods? Look at them closely. They have something in common. Look at the pictures above. Hey, my own house! Walk two screens to the left. A huge wall. There’s someone behind it. And he wants to get out. Look close at the wall. A stone that’s loose. A square lighter one just to the right of the middle. Push it. It won’t come out. Not with your bare hands at least. Then look at the pillars. The one on the right is pretty solid. The one on the left isn’t. Push it and it will move, but not fall. Try that again. Still not? A third time then. Yes! It tumbled and knocked out some of the stones. A big hole appears.Walk to the hole.  Look at the hole. That’s a familliar face. Leave the screen on the right. Then exit the temple on the north of the screen. So what did those big pictures tell you? Three times south, three times right. Let’s give it a try.

Going home:

One times south goes to the road with a turn to the left. A second time south goes to… the site where it all began. A third time south brings me to the open spot. One time to the right leads to the rocks, a second time to the right goes to the castle and a third time to the right, this time pass the castle in front….. You’re home!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Leon! Again… thank you for posting this. I was so into AGS at this time but the comments weren’t so good so I stopped making AGS games. Still they were quite fun putting together at the time.

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