Cryo Lab:

Walk over to the big screen. In front of it is a pile of papers. Look at them by holding the left mouse button and choose “read”. There’s a password. Touch the big screen. A terminal starts and you need to enter some commands. Take the capsule lock offline by typing CAPSULE LOCK. Type STATUS. The layers are still online so type LAYERS. Again STATUS. The watertank is full and needs to be empty so type WATERTANK. Type STATUS again and the next command is LIBERATE. A password is needed. Type SDRAWA.

Dave is back after 500 years. Some things have changed. He’s invited to attend a support group to get adjusted to the new world. He receives a MAP to get there. Let’s pay them a visit.

Support Group:


The outside of the building is covered with cables. To the left of the door is a hole. Look in that hole to find an inscription on a cable. Note the code. Pull the cable from the hole and take the TORN OFF CABLE. Open the door and go inside.

Take the door on the left to the janitors room. There’s a flashlight but you can’t reach it. Push the bookcase a bit and the light falls off. You can take the FLASHLIGHT. Leave the room again and go through the door on the right. It’s the kitchen. Open the fridge. It’s locked. Use the key to unlock it and then look inside. Take your MEMBERSHIP CARD out and leave the kitchen again. Go through the door straigt ahead. Talk at least to Jeff Johnson to find out about the hostel.

Open your map and select the Plunder Bunny on it.

Plunder Bunny:

Watch the arrest. The guy is taken and the policeman drops his gun. Pick up the GUN. Enter the hostel. Look around. What a mess. Look at the fan. There’s something stuck in there. Take the COMPASS out. Talk to the receptionist. He doesn’t have a room. Use your gun on him to make him find just a place to stay. It’s not much but hey… There’s a NOTE. Pick it up and read it. It’s very cryptic. Never destruction …. a minute and a half = 90 (seconds). Where life…. hundred and thirty = 130. So these are some coordinates. Open the map and select the right coordinates. It seems to be an abandoned factory. Let’s check it out.

Abandoned factory:

The door is locked. But there’s a ladder in a hole on the left. Use the hole and enter the factory. A lot of paper. Pick up the one near the door and learn about Chronotis Device. At the right, near the bin is a COIN on the floor. Better take it. It’s time to get some sleep. Select the Plunder Bunny on the map to go there.

Plunder Bunny:

Enter the hostel. You have a visitor. Learn from him why you are defrosted and what’s expected of you. Agree to meet at the specified location. Open the map and select the bar.


Since there’s no one to take your order, use the coin you found on the soda machine. Take the LEMONADE with you. Open the map and select the location on the far right.

Police Base:

To the right of the building is ALUMINIUM. Pick it up. On the left side is a panel When you look at it, you can see it doesn’t work. Take the broken fuse out. Use the aluminium from your inventory on the fuse. Then use the lemonade on the wrapped fuse to stick it together. Put the repaired fuse back and pull the lever. You’re now inside.

Use the elevator to go to the device room. Walk to the right and look at the huge machine. Look at the control panel. So this is the Chronotis device. We have to destruct this one. Use the control panel. Dr. Scobie enters the room and explains a lot, until…

When the alarm bells go off, use the control panel to….
Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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