Next to the garbage on your right is a DART. Pick it up. Enter the donut shop and use the jukebox. Take the DIME. Use the jukebox again and get another DIME. Does it work a third time? Yes! Another DIME. Talk to Joe and order a breakfast. Leave the shop and walk across the street to the bar.

Talk to Frank behind the bar. Nothing new at the policestation. Order a whiskey. Since Frank is watching TV, he isn’t going to get you a drink. Use the dart (look at yourself for your inventory) on the TV That will make Frank stop looking. Order a WHISKEY again.

Drink the whiskey (use it on yourself) and you’ll end up in the bathroom. Near the trashcan is a white FEATHER on the floor. Pick it up. At the sink on the right someone forgot his CRAYON. Take this as well. Leave the bathroom. Oops. At least take the COOKIE. Move theb bin. On the right side of the sink is a box. Pick it up to move it forward. Pick it up again and it moves to the location where the bin was. Use the box a last time to climb on it and leave through the window.

Enter the hotel next to the bar. In the lounge eat your dinner of donut and coke to sober up a bit, otherwise you won’t get up the stairs.  Upstairs go to the bedroom to take a nap.


Look at the minigolf. Someone putted a CROWBAR.  Look at the box or something in the corner. Try to move it and get the KEY from it. Look at the trashcan. There’s a TOOLBOX hidden. Take it out. Examine the toolbox. It’s locked. Use the key on the toolbox and take the SCREWDRIVER out. Use the screwdriver on the second window from the left to loosen it a bit. Then use the crowbar to really force it open. Use your hands to take it out and then use the window to get out. Oops….

Not realising you were not on the  ground floor you end up in the hospital. Examine the drawer and take the NAILPOLISH REMOVER out. The door on the left still has the KEYS in it. Take them and leave the room. Walk to the right to the entrance. At the reception is a fire. Use the nail polish remover on the fire to put it out. Pick up the PATIENT EXIT APPLICATION FORM underneath. Walk to the left upper corner to the corridor and from there to the left to the elevator. Before you can use the call button, you have to unlock it first. Use the keys on the button and get in the elevator.

Use the A-button to go to another level. Once out, look at the medical bag and take the BANDAGES and SERINGE out. Walk tot the right to the management. You can talk to the MD all you want, he’s not going to help you. On the left on his desk are notes and cards. Take a CARD from it. Go back to the elevator and press the C-button. Step into the morgue.

Talk to the undertaker and learn he can sign your form if he gets his permissions back. Use the nail polish remover on the DVD case. Use the traces of ink on the card of the doctor to copy his signature. The use the signature on the authority form. Give the signed form to the undertaker.  One undertaker reinstated. Now he can sign your release form. Interrogate him about the death of your boss to learn the cause of death and get a VIAL with the poison. Leave the morgue and call the elevator. Push the B-button and walk all the way to the right. Walk past the reception and leave the hospital.

Go to the subway on the right. Walk further to the right and look at the boxes. Use the boxes to hide in. You’ll end up in the Locomotive Breath, a train-bomb on it’s way to New York. Talk to the madman. Learn about the murders and the escape. When done talking the tricky part starts because it’s timed.

Use the screwdriver on the glass. Use the screwdriver again to make the hole bigger. The use the crowbar on the hole to break the glass. The use the seringe on the vial and the seringe on the cookie. You now have a poisonous cookie.  Use the cookie on the monkey to put him to sleep. Take your gun out and shoot the tank on the right to save the world. Since you’re behind your desk so much, the question is: can you still hit a target?….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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