You have to buy a present for Jodie but your money is inside and you’re locked out. In front of the house are two cars parked with someone guarding them. Now we need to get inside the house. Walk to the front door. To the left is a window. If you look through you can see Jack playing on the computer. Knocking or shouting doesn’t get his attention. There has to be more drastic ways.

Walk to the right of the house. In front of the brown window is a flower bed. Look at the middle part of the flower bed twice to find a KEY. But it’s not the key of the front door. To the left of the garage is the back gate. Go there.

A rubber glove and an electricity box. Both of no use. Use the key on the keyhole of the door and open the way to the back garden.

You can explore the back garden but you want to follow the path to the south. Open the shed door and go in. Wow, that’s dark. Feel your way around until you find a metal thing (a bit to the left of the center of the screen) which appears to be a SCREWDRIVER and a flat thing (one quarter from the left of the screen, bottom  quarter) which is a MAGAZINE.


Leave the shed again (walk to the exit, just a bit below the center on the right side) and follow the path back to the gate. Use the gate to go back to the front of the house. Walk to the left botto half of the screen when your at the electricity box.

Give the magazine (a car magazine) to the blonde guy guarding the cars. Use the screwdriver on the numberplate of mum’s car (the red one) and take the NUMBERPLATE with you. Walk back to the back gate. Use the numberplate on the broken wires in the electricity box. That’ll stop Jack from playing.

Walk back to the front of the house and return to the window left of the front door. Talk to the window to get Jack’s attention. When he unlocks the front door you can use it to enter the house.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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