You wake up in the middle of the night and realize that your parents aren’t there. You get out of bed and try to search them.

Walk to the right to leave your bedroom and walk into the living room. There’s not much left here. Walk to the right until you find your toy truck.  The LADDER broke off but you can take it.  Walk to the right and take the upper stairs.

Enter the door on the left. It’s the bathroom. On the sink is a soap pump but you just can’t reach it. Use the ladder to climb just that extra bit and you can take the SOAP with you. Look at the bathtub. On the bottom is a RAZOR. Pick it up and leave the bathroom again on the south.

Take the second door from the left. It’s the spare room. The room isn’t locked but won’t open either. Use the soap on the door to loosen it and enter again. Look through the spare room and in the bottom drawer you can find a SKELETON KEY. Leave the spare room on the right.


Walk further to the right, past the picture and open the door. It’s your parents room but the door is locked. Use the skeleton key to enter the room. The only comforting in this room would be the pictures if only you could reach them. Use the razor on the wire to cut the pictures down. While looking at them you faint.

You wake up outside the room with the big picture in a horror state. Walk all the way to the left and go downstairs. Walk to the left here as well until the lamp. To the left of the lamp is a SHARD of the fan you can take. Walk to the right again and this time take the lower stairs.

In the basement are the washingmachine and the dryer. You just haven’t enough power to open the dryer but when you use the shard on it, you manage to pry it open. Inside is your teddy with that familiar smell of fabric softener. It was all a bad dream… wasn’t it?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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