You’re standing outside your fathers office.

Use the keys in your inventory on the door to notice you don’t have to key to the front door. Use the button on the left to call the security guard. He wants to see some ID so put your wallet on the window and he’ll let you in. As soon as he hears that you’re not the owner of the office, he refuses to let you pass.

Walk to the right and use the door to enter the break room. Walk to the right and use your wallet on the coffee vendor to get a COFFEE. Walk back to the guard on the left and give him the coffee. You can now roam the building. Use the call button of the elevator and once in the office of your dad you need to find the right key.

Use the window behind the desk to find the small KEY and use it on the supply cabinet on the left. You take the present and go back down again.


At the psychiatrist talk to him and tell him about the nightmare. He’ll tell you about a book you should look for. Talk to the nerdy guy behind the desk and he’ll tell you that the library is closed. On the far right the computer is occupied. Use the door to the Student Lounge and inside use the cabinets below the microwave to find a pair of SCISSORS. Look at the notice on the wall and use the phone to call the nerdy guy.

Use the door on the left to leave the lounge and use the door to the staff room. Take the KEYS from the wooden box and read the notice on the wall to learn about the motion sensors. Use the door to leave the room and use the door to the lounge again. Use the security keys on the fire alarm to set it off and let everyone leave the building.

Leave the lounge again and use the computer on the right to find the location of the book. Use the scissors on the CURTAINS to cut them and use the double doors to enter the library.

In your grandparents house, walk all the way to the left to go upstairs and open the door on the right to enter your grandparent’s room. Take the locket from the bed to get a strange feeling.

Playing as Little James:

Use the door to leave the room and downstairs talk to your older self. Older James will give you a small KEY. Use the door to the basement on the left and use the gateway on the right to wake up.

Playing as James:

Use the door on the left to leave the room and use the small key on the door on the left. Pick up one of the exposed SPRINGS from the floor and look at the cracks in the wall. You can break them but not with your hands. Use the keyring with keys on the cracks to open them up and find the wooden BOX in the secret compartment.In your inventory use the spring with the box to prevent it from shutting down too soon and you take the JOURNAL out of the box.

Look at the journal to see what to do next. Use the door on the left to leave the room and visit the graveyard.

Use the big gate to enter the graveyard and visit the mausoleum. Talk to the door to tell your grandfather you’re here. Inside feel on the far left center to find the torch and when you want to use it you hear something from the cascets. Use the cascets to being forced into the one with no name.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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