Take the  FIGHT BLADE given by Magic Cat and walk to the right. Use the blade on the Lack Of Hearts three times to make it dissappear. Then walk further to the right and take the drink to become Little Girl. Walk to the right through the tunnel.

Take the FIGHT CLUB. Follow the white rabbit.  Use the fight club  several times on the maydaybug. Then walk to the right and use it on the capitalpiller serveral times until it’s gone. The rabbit can continue so follow it again. Use the fight club on the angerfish to get that out of the way as well. When you walk further to the right, the western rabbit is also killed. But no worries, Magic Cat is here to help. The game goes on.

You’ll get the FIGHT DICE. Even stronger than the rest. Use the dice on the fat man, then the robot and finally the auxiliary fat man. Kill the man in hat to continue to the next enemy.

Your mission is to kill the enemies, cross the lava and kill the evil queen. Start with using any form of weapon on the Ace of Base. Then on to the daemon. This one is a bit trickier but you’ll finally manage it. Then use a weapon on Jabbearwalk to eliminate him as well. You’re ready for the queen now. Use the doorbell to enter the residence of the queen.

The Queen of Democracy tries to talk her way out of her destiny but you can’t except her proposition and have to kill her. Attack her several times with all type of weapons and you’ll find that the weapons do not hurt her. Then there’s Magic Cat to the rescue to present a MAGIC STICK. Take it and you’ll use it on the queen.

Finally take the BIG HEART to restore everything back to normal… well almost.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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