Grandma took you home.

Knock the egg three times to climb out. Talk to Grandma and tell her what you want. She can help you but you need to make some porridge first. Ask her how to make it and she’ll give you the ingredients.  While grandma is rocking her chair, push the chair and as she’s struggling to get up again, quickly take the KNITTING next to her.

Use the socks on the chimney to find a SLINGSHOT. Use the door to open it and walk through to go outside. To the right of the house is a BUCKET. Pick it up and walk to the south. Talk to the fat duck on the bench. It’s uncle Jubalon. Ask him why he’s fat and he’ll tell you about the addiction. Ask him for the soda bottle and he’ll want something fried first. Ask him about the butter and he’ll give you the KEY to Grandmother’s lorry.

Pick up the NEWSPAPER and walk to the right into the mill. Open the cupboard next to the door and take the FRYING PAN out. Walk to the left to leave the mill and further to the left to reach grandma’s house. Next to the house is a butter truck. Use the key on the truck to unlock the door and use the truck to get the MARGARINE out.


Walk south and give the key back to uncle Jubalon. He’ll get you the ROPE. Walk to the left and use the rope on the well. Add the bucket to the well and use the crank to get some WATER. Out of the bucket comes a FISH. Pick it up and walk to the left. Cross the tracks but be careful for the train. Follow the road to the house. Next to the house is a pile of logs. Pick up a LOG and start the sports car. Huge fire will come out of the exhaust. Use the newspaper on the exhaust to get the FIRE. Walk to the right, cross the tracks (careful!) and past grandma’s house until you find a tree with a squirrel in it.

There’s an empty fireplace. Drop the log in there and light it with the burning newspaper. In your inventory put the butter and the fish in the frying pan and put the  pan on the fire. Walk to the left, then south and give the smothered fish to uncle Jubalon. He’ll let you have the BOTTLE. Take it and walk north. Go left to the train track and put the bottle on the track to open it.

Wait for a train to pass and then pick up the LIPSTICK. In your inventory look at the lipstick to read the label and the use the lipstick on the sock to draw a face. Walk south and to the right and lure the squirrel with the sock doll and you can pick up the HAZEL NUT. Walk to the left, past grandma’s house, cross the tracks (careful!) until you reach the house again.

In your inventory add the hazelnut to the slingshot and shoot the bee from the roof. Walk back to the shed on the left and use the front door to open it. Enter the shed and discover that there’s no ostehovel. Close the door and get the WAND from the door. Open the door again, leave the shed and walk to the right. Cross the track and south and at grandma’s house go south again. Enter the windmill and use the magic wand on the magic hat.Take the REMOTE CONTROL from the hat.

Leave the mill, walk all the way to the left, back to the shed. Enter the shed and put the UFO with the right side up. Use the remote control on the UFO and fly the UFO to the hatch in the roof. The crash will open it and out comes the ostehovel. Pick up the OSTEHOVEL and leave the shed. Walk to the right to the tracks.

Use the ostehovel on the oat field below the tracks to get some OATS. Go south twice and enter the mill. Use the oat on the wheel of the mill and take the GRAIN from the dispenser. Leave the mill and walk to the left. Enter grandma’s house and pour water  in the casserole on the stove. Add the grain and use the stove to make the porridge.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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