You need to find the king!

Walk to your desk and OPEN DRAWER. To see what’s in there LOOK IN DRAWER and TAKE THERMOS (10/10) and TAKE LUNCH BAG (10/20) from it. USE RADIO (10/30) to listen to your favorite show. Leave the office on the right and in the hall OPEN THERMOS. Walk over to the water cooler and FILL THERMOS WITH WATER (10/40).

Walk to the right twice into the office of the boss. ASK RAISE and discuss your wages. The boss will call Stella and let her bring some documents. When she walks off, the boss is slightly distracted so it’s your time to TAKE KEYS (10/50). Leave the office on the left and walk left again to the closet. Use the key to UNLOCK DOOR and the OPEN DOOR. Walk north into the equipment room.

LOOK IN BOX to find the reporter’s ID. TAKE ID (10/60) and leave the room again. Walk to the right and PUSH BUTTON to open the elevator door. Walk in to go to ground level. The guard is sleeping. LOOK DREAM to see what he’s thinking about (10/70) and then TAKE DREAM to take it with you (10/80). Walk to the front door and OPEN DOOR to get outside.


Walk to the left twice to find the circus. Enter the fairground and walk to the left behind the stalls. On the tarmac on the  is a trailer. Walk over to it and KNOCK DOOR to get the attention of the owner. TALK TO BOB to ASK FOR JOB. You can start cleaning first (10/90).  Walk south to the elephant area and TAKE SHOVEL to get to work (10/100).

After some time, DROP SHOVEL to stop the work and walk north back to the trailer. KNOCK DOOR again and ASK FOR TICKET. You’ll get your ticket (10/110). Walk to the right to enter the fairground again and walk to the trailer on the right with the sign next to it. LOOK at the trailer and climb the steps to go inside. ASK ABOUT FORTUNE several times until you know all you already knew (10/120).

TOUCH GIRL to see she’s not real and then TOUCH LIZARD to start a mechanism. TAKE CARD (10/130) coming out of the lizard. LOOK WAX. It’s white and sticky. TAKE WAX (10/140) and LEAVE. Walk to the left to return to the fairground and go to the center to the strongest man. LOOK to see the man and TALK TO MAN to hear that he’s not that strong anymore. LOOK PICTURE to see a different Luigi. LOOK DIFFERENCE to see what’s wrong and then ASK MUSTACHE. He’ll tell you what’s wrong. GIVE WAX TO LUIGI (10/150) and while he’s busy lifting the weight, TAKE ROSIN (10/160).

Walk left to return to the fairground and walk to the stall behind the strong man. It’s Helmut the smallest man. LOOK to get a better look at him and GIVE DREAM TO HELMUT (10/170) to make a new friend. TAKE HELMUT to bring your friend along (10/180). Walk to the left to see the fairground and walk to the entrance of the tent on the left. LOOK to see the popcorn stand. TAKE POPCORN (10/190) and walk into the tent. You are greeted by three lions. They are hungry. THROW POPCORN TO LION to distract them and walk to the right to see the acrobats.

GIVE ROSIN TO MAN and he’ll perform his stunt… and fail (10/200). TAKE CAPE from the ground (10/210)  and walk to the left twice to leave the tent.  Walk all the way south and to the right across the fairground to leave and walk to the right past the fence to reach the entrance of the bus station. In front of the building is a mailbox. MAIL HELMUT to send him on his way (10/220).

Walk to the right twice and KNOCK DOOR. When you have to show who you are, SHOW ID and she’ll let you in. TALK TO GIRL to start a conversation. To make yourself comfortable, SIT ON COUCH and ASK FOR SODA. She’ll bring you a drink. ASK FOR SCARF to have a better look at it and she’ll take it out of the display case. Once it’s on the table SPILL SODA ON SCARF. Then it’s time to make your way out.

Walk to the right and see the scarf on the line. CLIMB FENCE to sneak into the garden. TAKE SCARF (10/230) and CLIMB FENCE again to sneak out. Walk all the way to the left to the fairground and go to the entrance of the circus tent. Next to the popcorn stand is the Test-O-Strength. Walk up  to the machine and you’re catapulted to Las Vegas.

Walk to the right into the desert twice to find a phone booth. The phone is ringing. ANSWER PHONE and find out it’s Stella (10/240). After the conversation, make sure you DRINK WATER (10/250) otherwise you’ll get lost in the desert. Walk to the left twice and OPEN MAILBOX. Then GET HELMUT out and continue further to the left. Walk up the stairs either left or right  into the casino lobby. Walk to the desk and tell Bernardo behind it to CALL MR FABULOUS.

Walk to the north and left, to the pool area. Go further to the left to find an empty chair and SIT IN CHAIR. The lady will take off her sunglasses to have a better look and then cool off in the pool. TAKE GLASSES from the table (10/260) and walk to the right twice back to the lobby. Go to the right twice again to reach the elevator. Step inside and PUSH BUTTON. It will take you to the next floor.

Walk all the way to the right. The maid is working. LOOK INSIDE CART to find a skeleton key. You can use that! Walk into the room and north into the bathroom. Inside the bathroom walk to the right and LOOK SINK. There’s some floss. TAKE FLOSS (10/270) and walk left to the door  of the room (behind the curtains). LOOK DOOR to see the sign and READ SIGN. Do not disturb. TAKE SIGN (10/280) and REVERSE SIGN (10/290). READ SIGN again and PUT SIGN ON DOOR .   To make sure the maid will be busy, walk over to the bed and SIT ON BED. Oops.

GET UP, leave the room and the maid will get to work. Quickly TAKE KEY from the cart (10/300). Walk to the elevator on the left and get inside. PUSH BUTTON to get to the next floor: Mr. Fabulous’ penthouse. Walk all the way to the left into the bathroom and LOOK TUB. It’s very clean. LOOK IN DRAIN to see something there but you need to be very tiny to get there. TIE FLOSS TO HELMUT (10/310) and LOWER HELMUT IN DRAIN. Eventually he’ll return with a receipt (10/320).

LOOK RECEIPT to see it’s for the dry cleaners. TAKE FLOSS back and walk back to the elevator on the right. Step in and PUSH BUTTON to return to the ground floor. Leave the elevator and walk to the dry cleaners on the left. OPEN DOOR to go inside and SHOW RECEIPT to the lady behind the counter. She’ll return with a very old white suit. LOOK SUIT to notice the seams and TAKE SUIT (10/330) to carry it with you. LEAVE the dry cleaners and walk to the left twice to leave the hotel.

THUMB for transportation in front of the hotel (10/340) and you’ll get a lift to the Kingdom. Walk to the right to see a map and walk to the right, above the heli platform to the restrooms. You’ll see Red’s bar and grill. Step into the the phone booth and use it as changing room: WEAR SUIT (10/350) to slip into the King’s costume. You can only do this if you have the suit, the scarf, the glasses and cape.

Walk to the bar and OPEN DOOR to enter the celebrity look-a-like contest. Once you’re on stage, DANCE (10/350). You don’t win the contest but as consolation you get access to the mansion. Walk to the right to see the map again and make your way through the gate on the left to the steps next to the attraction sign. Walk up the stairs into the mansion.

LOOK INSIDE MOUTH of the bear to discover a tiny switch. PUT HELMUT IN MOUTH to let him flip the switch and deactivate the alarm (10/370). Walk to the right into the awards room, behind the cord  and TAKE GUITARLOOK GUITAR (10/380). to discover the broken string and FIX GUITAR to repair it with the floss you had left (10/390).  On the middle shelf of the display case left of the guitar is a mike. TAKE MIKE (10/400) and walk to the left to return to the hall. Walk north of the bear into the dining room and LOOK ON TABLE to see the fruit bowl. LOOK IN BOWL to see a banana. TAKE BANANA (10/410).

Walk south to the hall, go up the stairs and to the left to enter the bedroom. On the right, next to the door is a cabinet. OPEN CABINET and LOOK IN CABINET to find a secret mechanism. TOUCH MECHANISM to reveal a pole (10/420). Walk to the pole and SLIDE POLE to end up in the kitchen (10/430). While spinning, RELEASE POLE to stop (10/440). Walk to the right side of the counter, next to the jukebox and OPEN COUNTER. Walk behind the counter and TAKE BREAD (10/450).

Walk opposite the fourth stool from the right behind the counter and PUT BUTTER ON BREAD (10/460). By eating the sandwich you’ll gain some weight. OPEN DOOR on the right to enter the dining room and walk south twice to end up outside the mansion. Leave through the gate and walk to the bar next to the restrooms on the right. OPEN DOOR next to the phone booth again and enter the contest. This time SING (10/470).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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