You’re standing in front of a garage.

Walk into the garage and step to the right. Look there and you’ll find a pair of jeans with money in it. Take the MONEY (3/3). Walk out of the garage again and walk to the north at the right of the building. Keep following the road straight ahead until the intersection, cross it and go straight ahead again. You will arrive at the TV studio’s.

Walk to the right (three times) until you reach the Quikie Mart. Go inside and talk to the lady behind the counter. Use the lottery machine in front of her to buy a lottery ticket and insert it into the machine. You must provide six three-digit numbers. It doesn’t matter what you enter, you’ll get your LOTTERY TICKET (3/6).

Leave the shop and go left. Walk into the alley and look through the hole in the fence (1/7). Walk to the left twice to get back to the entrance of the studio and go inside. Give the lady behind the desk your lottery ticket to verify the numbers. She can’t read them and she tells the winning numbers. Note these because when you must name your numbers, you should repeat the ones she told you. They’re different each time so… You’re a winner now! (10/17). Use the bench in the back of the green room to sit down (1/18) and wait for the assistant producer.


When he enters and asks you to enter, stand up and walk through the door on the left. You’re in “The Dating Connection” and of course, no matter which answers you give, you’ll win the show (20/38). Back in the green room, you get your CRUISE TICKET (6/44) and you need to take a seat again. Wait for the assitant producer of the other show to come, stand up and play the Lottery Show. Of course you also win this one (12/56). The prize is a MILLION DOLLAR BILL (7/63).  Walk to the south to leave the studios.

Outside the studio walk to the south and on the intersection walk to the right. Enter the Multo Lira shop. Look at the girl behind the counter and talk to her. Walk to the back of the shop where the swim suits are half price and take a SWIMSUIT (5/68). Give the swimsuit to the lady behind the counter to pay for it. You get a WAD ‘O DOUGH as change (3/71). Leave the shop.

Walk to the right twice and enter the Swabs Drugs store. On the shelves on the left, half way in the store you can grab a bottle of SUNSCREEN. Use the sunscreen with the guy behind the counter to pay for it (9/80). Leave the shop and walk to the right and north. Enter the Quikie Mart again. In the center is a soda machine. Use it to take a SODA (5/85) and give it to the person behind the counter to pay (3/88).Walk to the south to leave the shop.

Walk to the south three times to reach the barber shop. Go inside and talk to the barber. As if he wants to. Use the chair in the middle and get a haircut (3/91). When finished leave the shop and walk to the left two times to reach Eve’s house again. Outside are trashcans with your belongings in it. Use the trashcans twice to find your PASSPORT (5/96).

Walk to the north twice and at the intersection enter Ye Olde Musocology Shoppe. Look at the girl behind the counter and talk to her. She gives you an ancient ONKLUNK (7/103).  A lot of confusion is next.

Walk to the left and see a jogger in the background running. Look at the jogger (1/104). Walk to the right twice and in front of the Scurvy Dog a man will offer you a drink. Talk to the man and say No to stay alive. Walk to the south and to the right and talk to the man at the gate. Give the man your cruise ticket and after some checks you can enter the ship (9/113). Walk to the right over the gangplank to enter the ship.

You’re standing outside your cabin. Walk to the right to enter and look around. On top of the bedside cabinet is a bowl of FRUIT. Take it (3/116). Use the door on the right to see where it leads to: another room with a female on the bed. It’s Barbie’s mother. Whatever you do, don’t go near the bed. Walk back to the left and close the door.

Walk behind the closet in the back and use the swimsuit on yourself. Walk to the south to leave the cabin. Walk to the left, up the stairs, to the left again, up the stairs again and then all the way to the right to reach the swimming pool.

There’s only one empty bed so walk over to it and use the sunscreen on yourself first (3/119). Use the empty bed to lay down (3/122) and wait until you get a nice tan . Whenever a blond girls comes up to you and asks to come along, say No.  When you’ve had enough of the sun, use the pool. Just walk into it to swim, use the pool to dive. Immediately use the BIKINI TOP at the bottom to dive to the bottom and pick it up (7/129). Walk to the surface again to swim again and use the ladder on the left to get out of the pool.

Use the sunscreen on yourself again to prevent burning (3/132). Walk to the south to leave the pool area and walk back to your cabin. Use the door on the right to see if Barbie’s mother is still there: she’s not. Use the closet to find nothing of use, use the bedside cabinet and look inside to find a SEWING KIT (6/138). Walk back to the left and close the door. Stand behind the closet again and use the swimsuit on yourself to take it off and put your suit back on.

Walk to the south to leave the room and walk to the rotating top of the ship: the restaurant. On the left side of the bar is a bowl with spinach DIP. Take some (2/140). Leave the restaurant and walk down the stairs. Then walk all the way to the front of the ship to enter the barber shop.

Use the chair in the middle to get yourself a WIG (3/143). Go up the stairs you’re standing near and at the top go left to the bridge. Behind the captain is a large panel. Use the panel to flip the switch marked ‘Start’. (8/151). Walk to the south to leave the bridge again. Go down the stairs and go half way the stairs to the restaurant. Go left there to see the life boats. Use the lifeboat to get in (2/153). All the boats will be lowered and start to drift off (5/158). Before you’re out of sight, use the spinache dip on the water to dump it (2/160). Use the wig on yourself the prevent sunburn (5/165). A good thing you used the sunscreen (5/170), good thing you used the wig (5/175), good thing you brought that giant soda (5/180), good thing you have that sewing kit (10/190). You finally end up on a beach.

Walk to the south to enter the jungle. In the path in the middle you can see two flowers on the right of the palm tree. As soon as you walk near that spot, take the FLOWER (3/193). Finally you will find an exit and end up in a restaurant.

Talk to the maitre and ask for a bite to eat. He asks you to sit a moment while preparing a table so use the seat (1/194). When everyone is at their tables and you table is ready (1/195), walk over to the buffet on the lower left. Look at the buffet and find a knife next to the cheese plate. Use the plate to take the KNIFE (3/198).

Walk to the south and enter the jungle again. If you didn’t get the flower the first time, here’s another chance, otherwise wait until the exit is reached. You find yourself in an empty guest room. Look around. On the nightstand you find MATCHES. Take them (2/200). When the maid comes in look at her and talk to her.

Walk into the bathroom and take the SOAP from the sink (2/202). Walk south to leave the room and enjoy another walk through the jungle. Finally you end up in a barber shop. Use the seat to get a nice hair.. cut.. (3/205).

Walk to the south to leave the shop and after your trip through the jungle  you’re at the beach. Walk to the left and find a BIKINI BOTTOM on the rocks. Pick it up (4/209) and walk to the right.  Go south, back into the jungle and you can leave the restaurant by going south again. After again a trip through the jungle you reach your apartment.

Use a bikini part on yourself (5/214) to change clothes and use the soap in your inventory on the bikini top in your inventory to stuff the bra (12/226). Leave the room and enter the barber shop again. Use the chair and get yourself waxed (3/229). Leave the barber and through the jungle you’ll reach the beack again. Walk to the right. There are two HGB agents but they don’t recognize you. Walk to the right again and you’re at the cliffs and past the agents (12/241). But you’re not out of danger yet. You now need to pass a dangerous cliff. Once you succeed (14/255) you only have to pass the parkinglot to the airport terminal (6/261)(-14/247).

Look at the two men dancing next to the front door. Don’t go too close, just look. Give them the flower (7/253) and they’ll wander off.  Enter the airport. Walk to the left and enter the barbershop (again…). Look at the very familiar girl (3/256) and use the chair to get another haircut. When it’s back to normal you get a bottle of REJUVENATOR as consolation (3/259). But there’s a warning with it.

Walk to the right twice and give your passport to the Customs Officer (5/264). After the inventory is checked, walk to the right to the lugguage. Don’t mind the sleeping man. Walk to the right and look at the menu on the wall. Talk to the girl behind the counter. You’ll oder a Blue Pate. When it’s served, don’t eat it right away but look at it twice to find the BOBBY PIN. Use the food to take it out (7/271). Look at the machines on the right. One is broken and the other sells insurances. Use the one on the left and take an insurance. It costs $100 but then you have your PARACHUTE (3/274).

Walk to the left again and wait next to the conveyor belt for the suitcase to arrive with a bomb in it. You can see that from the x-ray window (5/279). When you have the suitcase with the bomb, you’ll take it outside, clearing all the queues at the ticket counter (15/294).

Walk to the counter and talk to the man. Introduce yourself and ask for a ticket. After a lot of questions you finally get one (5/299). Walk to the right and give your passport once again to the Customs Officer. You can go throught.   Use the transporter belt on the right to get to the check in desk. On the left corner of the desk are some PAMPHLETS (11/310). Take one. Give your ticket to the man behind the desk (3/313) and you can go into the plane right away. Walk to the right to enter the plane and a stewardess will make sure you get to your seat.

When the plane has reached the right altitude and the man next to you starts talking, give him the pamphlet (8/321). Look at your seat. There’s an AIRSICK BAG in front of you. Take the bag (5/326). Stand up and walk to the right. Plow your way through the fog of the smoking area and look at the doors. Opposite the restroom is a door you can’t see: the emergency exit. Use the parachute on yourself  (4/330) and use the emergency exit door. It won’t open. Use the bobby pin on the door (5/335) to unlock it and use the door to pull the handle. Then use the door again to open it (6/341) and jump out (4/345).

Hanging in the trees, use the knife on the parachute to cut yourself loose (8/353). You land next to a STICK. Pick it up (4/357) and walk to the south. Although there are bushes and trees, you can crawl under one (6/363). Walk further to the south. Walk further to the right and to do so, you must walk between some rocks. But by doing that, you alarm an anaconda. As soon as the snake wants to attack, use the stick on the snake (10/373). Walk further to the right.

Entering the next part is quite dangerous: there’s quicksand. A monkey is light enough to walk over it and fortunately left a trail. When you follow the footsteps of the monkey you can get to the other side of the swamp (5/378). Walk towards the right but wait at the riverbank. Since there are piranhas in it, you don’t want the get into the water. Use the first vine to your right and you’ll swing across (6/384). There’s still a vine dangling. Take the VINE (4/388) and walk  to the north. There’s a beautifull girl waving at you.

After some conversation you decide to get married (10/398). But before that you need to free the village of Dr. Nonookee. The chief will take you to the secret way to the vulcano (25/423).

When the chief is gone, don’t cross the chasm yet but walk back to the village; go south and right. The fire is out but you can take the ASHES (6/429). Walk to the south to see the beach and take some SAND (3/432). Now return to the chasm: go left twice, then north. Walk towards the edge opposite the tree and use the vine on the tree to cross the first part (11/443). Walk to the north until you reach the glacier. Where the slippery part starts, use the ashes on the glacier (10/453). Walk further to the north to reach the top of the vulcano.

It’s time to prepare for the attack. Use the paper bag from the inventory with the rejuvenator (5/458).  You’ll walk over the the gap in the ground where steam is coming through. Use the matches on the rejuvenator (5/463) and then use the burning substance on the gap. Down goes the Larrytov cocktail (10/473).

The explosion forces the elevator door to open so walk into the elevator. What elevator. With your clumsiness you manage to kill the doctor (28/500).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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