Turn right six times. You’ll see Stingy’s stuff. It’s a mess. Try to pick up the plastic can. That will trigger Stingy. Talk to him and tell him about the kitten. He’ll advise you to use a message capsule and mail it. You can use one of his, in his car.Walk left five times. There’s a message capsule in Stingy’s car. Take the CAPSULE. Turn left once. Use the capsule on the mail tube of the mailbox. Sportacus will be there within seconds. Tell him about the kitten and the promise to Stephanie. Sportacus can help but wants a soccer ball first.

Walk to the right five times. Near the bin is a SOCCER BALL. Pick it up. Turn left two times. Talk to Sportacus again. Now he’s going to kick the ball, you should get to the tree. Turn right and watch Sportacus kick the ball. Pick up the APPLE under the tree. Turn left again to Sportacus. Once he’s eaten it, turn right again to the apple tree and watch Sportacus save the kitten.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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