Touch the start button to start the game. Look at the mat (1/1). It has a man on it. Talk to the man (2/3). Ask him his name to learn it’s Roger. Open the door on the right. It’s the closet with a broom in it. Take the BROOM (1/4). Leave the closet and leave the room through the door on the north. From the hallway go to the lab.

There’s a teleport machine. It doesn’t seem to work because of the dust. Use the broom on the teleport (2/6). You are teleported to a strange place. You can talk to Roger if you want to, he’s following you. Go through the arched brown double doors. A strange pink room with a key on the floor. Take the KEY . Leave the room again.

Walk to the right where you can see a door with a lock on it. Use the key on the lock and you’re transported to a mountain (2/8). Climb the mountain to the machine. Look at the machine. It says: “Insert card”. Look in your inventory. Only a poster. Look at the poster (1/9). Maybe that will work. Use the poster on the machine (991/1000).

Walk towards the button below “The End” to really end the game.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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