Act One: Desperately Seeking Lubricant

You need to get oil for your car. Walk to the left to reach the employees’ entrance of Ulcer Burger and go inside. Talk to the man behind the counter and when he won’t help you, take his HAT. Leave the counter and outside walk back to the right. Use the front entrance to go inside. Talk to the man behind the counter and ask to use the restroom. But since you’re not and employer and you didn’t buy anything, you can’t . Show the hat to the and he’ll take it from you. He’ll give you a  PAPER CUP to get him some water.

Leave the counter and walk south to go outside. Go to the left and use the cup on the dumpster to fill it with filthy RAINWATER. Go back to the right, enter the restaurant again and give the cup to the man behind the counter. You can now use the bathroom. Use the door on the right to enter the bathroom, pick up the SPONGE and leave again. Walk south to leave the restaurant, to the left and use the back entrance again.

Use the sponge from the head of the man behind the fryer to get some of his oily SWEAT. Leave the kitchen and use the wet wall to lean against and get some of the wet paint. Walk to the right to return to your car and find it covered with graffiti.Touch the car up with the wet paint on your hands and drive to the police station.


Act Two: Backbreak Hotel

There’s oil on the floor from a previous car. Use the sponge on the OIL to soak it up. Take a free MAP from the front door and use it on yourself to have a look at it. Select your own house on the upper right. Talk to the landlord who wants to see the rent. Use the sprinkler spigots to let the landlord drop a STAPLE REMOVER.

Use the map on yourself again and return to the garage in the center. Use the staple remover on the KEY hanging on the door and use the key on the toolbox on the right to take a WRENCH out. Use the map again and travel to the Gates Motel on the upper left. You find Suze on a stretcher and two officers. Talk to officer Bradbury on the right.

Use the oily sponge on the bell to lubricate it and then use the wrench on it to ring it. Officer Boyler is distracted for a moment so quickly use your ballpoint on the box with personal items under the gurney. You can take  the SAVINGS CARD from Suze’s purse.Use the map and go to the pharmacy just below the motel.

Use the savings card on the ATM machine outside to rip Suze’s account and take the MONEY. Use the map to return to your own house at the upper right and give the money to the landlord. You can now  get in. Pick up the ID CARD from the floor next to the table. Take the LAMPSHADE from the stand in the corner and use the map to go to the crime scene at the Gates Motel. Show the ID card to officer Bradbury.

Act Three: Life’s a Switch and Then You Fry

The lady behind the desk won’t notice you. Hit the bell with the wrench and she’ll help. Talk to her about everyone. Use the stairs leading down to reach jail. Talk to the main on the lower right and after the conversation he’ll give you the pack of CIGARETTES.

Walk south to reach the torture chamber and use the dead body on the gurney left to get a HAND. Leave the chamber, use the stairs to go up twice to reach the toilet block. Walk south and take the SHOELACE from the man sitting on the toilet. Use the map and go to the pizza parlor next to the beach. Enter the shop and sell the cigarettes back to the man behind the counter. He’ll give you some COINS for it. Use the condiment rck on the table on the right to swipe the SALT shaker.

Use the map to go to the cemetery next to the motel and visit the morgue there. Talk to the coroner and learn more about Suze and the commissioner. Give him the dead hand and he’ll get the liquid nitrogen out of the box. Quickly take the can with LIQUID NITROGEN and use the map to travel to the pharmacy shop. Enter the shop and buy a pack of CHEWING GUM. Leave the pharmacy, use the map again and go to the police station in the center of town.

Go down the stairs and give the chewing gum to the man on the lower right. He’ll give you the key to the records: a CROWBAR. Go up the stairs and use the door on the right to find the records. Use the crowbar on the cabinet on the right and find the FILE of Les Rainey. Leave the archives and  go up the stairs. Use the door on the left to visit commissioner Fishbian. Look at the fishbowl on the table and when standing behind the commissioner, use the liquid nitrogen on the fish tank. Put the shoe lace in the tank and use the salt with it to melt the edges. Then pull the lace to empty the fish tank.

Give Rainey’s file to the commissioner to question his whereabouts and receive his KEYS. Leave the commissioner and walk to the  right to leave the office. Use the keys on the lockers to the right of the doorway and open Rainey’s locker. Take the GUN and the piece of PAPER which appears to be a receipt. Use your pen on the indentation on the ticket book to reveal a code.

Leave the locker, use the map to travel to the Top Storage facilities. Feed the receipt to the console next to the gate and use the console again to enter the code. At the storage box use the gun on the lock to get access to the container and find a film of canvas blocking the entrance. Use your pen to pry through the canvas and reveal what’s behind it. Take the BOOK of Treasure Island standing against the lamp and pick up the envelope from the ground.

Act Four: The Goat Man Commeth

Go up the stairs twice and visit the commissioner on the left. Put the book of Treasure Island back on the shelf to reveal to secret passage. Use the passage to go through and enter the lab. Open the emergency cabinet next to the ‘entrance’ and pick up the BLANKET. Take the PRESCRIPTION from the worktop. Use the map to travel to the pharmacy and go inside.

Give the prescription to the lady behind the counter and you’ll get the SEDATIVE. Leave the pharmacy and use the map to go to the police station. Go up the stairs, use the passage on the right to find the lab again. Talk to Dr. Semprini and learn about the adhesive. Use the lab assistant on the right to see the results of the research. You need to find the strongest adhesive.

Pick up the BEAKER and use it to take one of the chemicals from the rack. Leave the desk and use the beaker on the microscope at the bottom end to find out if it is the correct adhesive. If it’s not, use the beaker on the sink next to the microscope to rinse it and look at the chemicals again. Use the third row from the top, fourth vial from the left. It’s bright blue.

Use the vial on the bowl in front of the assistant and use the lampshade on the bowl to use as a lid. When  you get it back, the adhesive is all over the lampshade. Use the lampshade on officer Hill on the right to distract the people and then use the toolbox to get the EXTENSION CORD out.  Use the toolbox again to get an ELECTRIC CUTTER.Put the sponge on the OIL again.

Use the map to go to the police station and use the door on the left to enter the class room. Use the coffee pot on the right to put the sedative in  and return the pot to its original location. Go up the stairs and use the door on the right. Talk to Charlie but he’s not cooperative. Since the drawer in his desk is making too much noise, use the oily sponge on the desk to lubricate the drawer and take the bag with JAWBREAKERS from it. Pick up the COAT from the stand and use the map to go to the pizzeria.

Use the coat on the ovens behind the counter to let it dry and use the map again. This time travel to your house and put the electric cutter in the socket on the left wall to charge it. Use the map and go to the camp site on the lower left. Walk north to enter the campsite. Next to the bushes use the electric cutter to cut off some of the BERRIES. Use the map and go to the morgue.

Give the berries to the coroner and he’ll get you to the fight. Once in the ring, hit the opponent twice in the face to let him open his mouth and put one of the jawbreakers in his mouth. Then hit him in the stomach to let him close his mouth. You’ve won a golden WATCH. Back in the lab use the chair to get hypnotized and find out what really happened to Suze.

On the boat, use the extension cord on the goat man to kill him and use the jacket in the sea to catch a SQUID. Throw the squid at the commissioner to blind him and then use the gun to shoot him.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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