Act One: Bladerun like hell

Use the door of the lodging to go inside and talk to the lady behind the desk. Ask her about the shed and your room. Walk to the right and use the key on the door in the middle to enter your room. Use the remains of the TV in the middle of the room to get some WIRES out (2/2).

Use the pillow on the bed to find a CANDY underneath (2/4) and take the PLUNGER from the bathroom (1/5).  Walk south to leave the room, go to the left to enter the reception and left again to reach the other side of the motel. Use the double doors on the left to enter the pool. There’s a man lying in front of the doors leading to the shed so you need to get rid of him. Give him the candy (1/6) and then drop the candy in the pool (3/9). At least the exit is clear now.

Use the door opening to go outside and a man will call for help. Talk to him to learn his wife is choking. Use the plunger on the lady to safe her life. It didn’t get much thanks but at least a MATCHBOOK (2/11). Use some of the darker green patches to get some DRIED GRASS (1/12).


Walk south back to the swimming pool and to the right three times to reach your own front door. Use the key to open the door and go inside. On the wall on the left is a smoke detector. Use the dried grass in there (2/14) and use the matchbox with the grass to light it (1/15). Charlie is finally out of the shower.

Leave the room on the south, walk to the left twice and use the double doors to enter the pool. Use the door opening on the north to go outside. Follow the path north to the shed where Charlie is already waiting. Talk to him but he’s not much help. Use the bush behind the bloody spot on the wall to find a KEY CARD (2/17). The locking mechanism on the shed door is damaged so repair it with the wires (1/18), then use the key card on the card reader left of the doors to enter (1/19).

Act Two: Duct Duct Goose

It’s dark so you need to find a light switch. Feel around until you find a glass case (under the S of Score). Use the night stick to break the glass and create light (5/24). Use the body of the janitor on the floor to get his KEY (1/25) and use his body again to get the CHEWING GUM from his mouth (1/26).

Look at the panel on the left of the stairs. Inside is a device that can be used as homing beacon. Use the night stick on the beacon compartment to jam it (2/28). Look at the panel above the first stairs on the right. There are six buttons. Use the chewing gum on the one with the lightning bolt (2/30). Turn the dial below it and the vent will open. Leave the panel and take a close look at the robot.

Use your gun on the tool compartment in her chest  (2/32). You manage to hit the WHISTLE as well. Take the SCISSORS from the compartment (1/33) and leave the robot. Use scissors on the janitor to cut a piece of his HAIR (2/35). Use the duct to crawl through and find a man half way. Talk to the man and tell him you’re from Tampa.

Tell the man you need some help and he’ll lead you out of there if you can give him a disguise. Give him the piece of hair and he’ll give you a FLASHLIGHT (1/36). Use the flashlight on the dark space to the right of the man to get out. You’ll end up in the casino. Talk to the man at the table in the front: it’s Ufarte the local forger. Ask his name and what he’s doing here. Then tell him he might be able to help you. Give him your ID and he’s able to turn it into a fake one (2/38).

Use the door on the left to leave the casino and enter your own room with the key. The room is a mess and the maid is dead on the floor. Use her body to find a HAIRPIN (1/39). Leave the room and walk to the left twice. Use the other key in your inventory on the door in the middle to unlock and enter the storage room and take the SCREWDRIVER from the bench (1/40).

Take the DRILL from the opposite side (1/41) and use the hairpin on the blue cupboard to unlock them and find a bottle of RUBBING ALCOHOL (1/42). Leave the closet and enter the pool on the left. Walk north to go outside and follow the path north to the shed. The door is nailed shut but you can take some RUBBLE from the ground (1/43).

Walk south twice to the pool and to the right three times. Use the double doors to go inside the casino again. Use the screwdriver on the slot machine to pry it open and get loads of MONEY (3/46). Look at Charlie at the table next to the slot machine. Use the drill on the dice in front of him and add some rubble to them to make them heavier and let him win (2/48). He won’t come along now and tells you the room number where to find the phone and the password.

Look at the man at the bar on the right. Put the rubbing alcohol in his glass to spike the drink. He doesn’t want it anymore and gives you the glass of ALCOHOL (2/50). Use the door on the left to leave the casino and walk to the left to enter the reception. Walk to the left again and look at the door on the right. It’s 124. Talk to the door and since you know the password, you enter.

Turn one of the cards in front of you and then  pull the mat between the cards to turn all the cards. No way you could win this. Show your fake ID to the grafter and you get your PHONE back (2/52).  Walk to the right to enter the reception and give the alcohol to the lady behind the desk. She’ll leave (1/53). Use the door next to the desk to enter the back room and use the screwdriver on the fridge MAGNET (2/55).

Use the ladder to climb beyond the roof and find a decent power source. But there’s a bird blocking the way. Use the bag with money on the bird and it will drop down revealing a key (1/56). Use the magnet to retrieve the KEY and open the box (1/57). Use the phone on the wires to charge it (1/58). You can then make the call.

Act Three: Justice Uses the Crosswalk

Use the magnet on the screwdriver to get the FLASHLIGHT (1/59). Shine the flashlight at the robot and she’ll back off for a minute (2/61).   Pick up the SCREWDRIVER and the DRILL from the floor and then look at the panel on the right. Insert the janitor’s key card in the slot and then blow the whistle on the microphone. You manage to break the speaker (2/63). Press button 4 and leave the panel. The light will shine at the pole. Use the drill on the pole to make a hole in it so the light can go through (2/65). The robot will be destroyed.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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