You’re looking at the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. Talk to Hussein. The monkey on top of the statue took his last cheetos. You must get it back.

There’s green goo at the bottom. In the middle of it is a LEAF. At first you don’t want to but because Saddam insists, you finally pick it up. Give the leaf to Saddam. He’ll instruct you to eat it. It’ll change you into a flying raccoon.

Walk along the edge of the statue to the top and land on the head of the statue. Talk to the monkey and find out that he ate the cheetos. You must tell Saddam. Walk down along the edge of the statue until you’re at the bottom again. Talk to Saddam to tell the bad news. Saddam wants to talk to the monkey himself.

Pick up SADDAM and walk to the top of the statue again. Once there, use Saddam on the monkey. They will get into a fight and the statue will fall, revealing a rocket. Saddam will tell you it’s not his and run for it.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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