Find the king dead on the ground. Take his CROWN and BOOTS (2/29). Walk to the north and find a RING (4/29) in the grass. Pick it up. Walk further up the mountain. Look at the statue and read the text. Use the crown on the statue (5/29). Use the boots on the statue (6/29). A portal appears. Go through.

When three doors are shown, select the first door, the one from the past.

Walk further up the hill to the castle. Walk to the right and enter castle through the gate. The king’s daughter is sitting in the grass. Talk to her. She lost her ring. Give the ring to the princess and get a bottle of wodka in return (8/29).

Walk between the stone columns to the north and find the gardener. Talk to him. You’ll get his cup (10/29). Use the wodka with the cup and give the cup back to the gardener. He wants a second cup so do that again (13/29). The gardener is out cold. Search the man. Het has some seeds and cigarettes on him (15/29).


Walk back to the princess. Give her the cigarettes and now she’ll take you to the king (17/29). He’ll meet you in the garden. So walk back north again and there’s the king. Talk to the king. You’ll learn you have to defeat the Overlord with your sword and go to the future to see the king’s daughter (20/29). Walk twice to the south and in front of the castle leave on the left. You’re back with the time hole.

Select the right door (XVII) and see the future. Walk to the castle gate and find all rocks. There must be a way to get in. Walk back to the timehole and select the past (left door, I). Walk again to the front of the castle and put the seeds on the green spot to the right of the entrance (22/29). Walk back to the timehole and go to the future (right door, XVII).

The wall is covered with ivy. You can climb it to meet your princess again. She’ll give you the KEY you once trusted her (25/29). Return to the timehole and use the magic wand on yourself (28/29). You’ll end up in another world.

There’s a hole in the mountain. Go through the hole (29/29).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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