The Castle: 

Talk to the king standing on your right. He tells you to find the golden ring and beware of the red dragon. Talk to Princess Rose. She wishes you good luck. Open the door and walk outside.

The Forest:

Walk through the forest. In the tree on the right is a big bird on a nest. Walk further to the right. There’s the big red dragon the king warned us about. Talk to the dragon. He tells you the ring is in the cave.


Talk to the dragon again and ask to enter the cave. Talk again to offer something to eat. While you’re talking to the dragon, pick up the little ROCK under his head. Ask nicely first …

Walk back to the bird in the tree. It needs to get out of there. Use the rock to throw at the bird. That’ll scare him off. Pick up the ROCK again after if fell down. As the bird flies away you see an egg. Now that could be a nice meal for the dragon. But you can’t climb the tree. Use your sword on the tree to shake it. Catch the EGG and bring it to the dragon. Give the egg to the dragon and ask to enter the cave. You may.

The cave:

Walk further to the right into the cave. There’s a pile of bones. And the ring!! Walk over to the ring to get it. Ooops. A trap. Hence the bones. Now you’re stuck. But as the cage came down, did you notice the lever on the wall? It switched. Use the rock and throw as acurate as you can on the lever. Great job! Take the RING and leave the cave.

The forest:

Walk past the dragon and enter the castle.

The castle:

Talk to the king. He asks you to give the ring to the princess. So give her the ring. As reward you get her hand in marriage.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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