When you’re in a dark room, feel for the material thing in the upper left corner of the room. Then you wake up.

Act 1, Part 1: No rest for the hungry.

Look around the room. Look at the bin next to the desk to find half a bag of PRETZELS. Open the cupboard on the right and take a COATHANGER out. Open the door on the north and walk through to the lounge.  Walk through the dooropening on the lower right to reach the other hallway and open the door on the right side. Walk through to get into the bathroom.

Open the cabinet under the sink to get a bottle of LAXATIVES and leave the bathroom again. Walk to the left into the lounge and open the door of Alistair’s room on the north. Enter the room and get the GLASS from the desk. In your inventory use the laxatives with the glass of water and then use the glass with the desk to put it back. Give the pretzels to Alistair and that will make him thirsty.  And he’ll get out of bed.


Get the EXTENSION CABLE from behind the TV. Use the cable in your inventory with the coathanger. You now have a grapling hook. Walk to the south on the right to leave the room and walk to the right to reach the hallway. Walk into the bathroom and open the laundry shute next to the door. Inside you’ll find a towel but you can’t reach it. Use the grapling hook with the laundry shute to get the TOWEL out.

Walk through the door opening and walk to the left to the lounge. Walk down the stairs and your mother will send you back up again because the floor is still wet. Walk down the stair again and your mother is gone. You’ll dry the floor and go to the kitchen. Talk to your mother. She’ll tell you to get a life.

Act 1, Part 2: So you need to get a life

Watching TV you get a great idea to help Andrew. You need to call them. Walk down the stair and to the right into the kitchen. Talk to your sister on the phone to tell her you need to call but she won’t let you. Open the door on the right and walk through to reach the back garden. Walk to the north, then to the right to walk to the back of the house.

Open the lid of the green garbage bin. There’s a bag. Use the knife on the bag to cut it open. In the bag is a bone. Get the BONE three times to finaly take it out of the trash. Leave the trash and walk back to the left, then north to return to the back door. Open the door of the garage on the left and walk inside. Open the bottom drawer on the cabinet next to the door to find a TORCH. Walk to the right to leave the garage again.

In your inventory open the remote to take the BATTERIES out. Use the batteries with the torch. Give the bone to the dog to make him leave his spot. Use the opening several times until you finally climb under the house. Use your knife with the phone cable to end the conversation of your sister. On the far left is a HOOK ON A STICK. Take it and go back to the right.

Walk into the kitchen and walk to the left into the hall. Go up the stairs and walk to the south on the right side. In the ceiling is a trapdoor. Use the hook on a stick with the metal hook of the attic door to reach the attic. On the table is a roll of DUCT TAPE that you can use. Walk down the stairs, to the left, down the stairs again and to the right into the kitchen. Walk further to the right to go outside and use the opening in the wall to go back under the house.

Use the duct tape with the phone cable and crawl to the right to leave the space. Walk back into the kitchen and use the phone to enter the contest. You give the name of your brother and then you need to answer some more questions:

Your age: eighteen
Sex: male
Ambition: climb the highest mountain
Hobbies: rafting
Motive: for the glory.

You’ll get a call from the studios that you’re selected. Now you need to use the car. But there are no keys, there’s no money and almost no petrol in the car.

Act 1, Part 3: working for the man.

Open the front door and walk inside the house. Walk to the right into the kitchen and talk to your mother. Ask her to give you some money and you can only have it when you clean the bathroom. Talk to her again and she’ll give you the CLEANER. Leave the kitchen on the right and walk into the garage on the left. Try to open the cupboard next to the drawers to find it painted shut. Use the cleaner on the cupboard and open it again. Now you’ll find the BRUSH.

Open the door on the north side and walk through into the hall. Use the stairs to go up and give the extension cord to Alistair. He’ll give you the HOOK ON A STICK. Walk to the south on the right side and use the hook on a stick with the metal hook of the trapdoor to open the attic. Use the hook on a stick to get the dead SPIDER from its web. Use the spider with the steam coming out of the vent and your sister will be leaving the bathroom.

Walk down the stairs and into the bathroom on the right to clean it.  Open the door and leave the bathroom. Walk to the left and down the stairs and to the right into the kitchen. Talk to your mother again and ask her for the money. The magic word is ‘please’ and then she’ll give you some MONEY (and the shopping list).

Walk to the right to go to the back yard and walk north to see the side of the house. There’s laundry hanging. Use the green towel on the right, then the red towel behind it and finally the orange towel. Repeat the sequence with the towels on the left side to find your pants behind the orange towel. Use the pants to fin the KEYS in them.

Walk to the north on the left and walk into the kitchen.  Walk to the left to leave the kitchen and go up the stairs. Walk north to your brothers room and talk to him. Tell him you have the keys and the money and he’ll join you downstairs. Walk to the south to leave the room and go down the stairs. Walk to the left to leave the house and use the keys with the car. Your brother will join you.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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