You need to clean the loft of grandpa.

Try to open the desk. It  appears to be locked. Use the lamp next to it to unlock it and use the desk again to get a KEY. Use the key on the large chest to open it and use the chest to find a strange BOOK. Look at the book in your inventory and then use the book on yourself (no hotspot!).

After being teleported to your new world, you need to find a way home. Pick up the SHOVEL standing against the tree so you can do some digging. You can use the shovel on the ground in front of the barn to dig a hole and use the hole to read a useless note. Walk to the south and take the TOADSTOOL in front of the tree.

Follow the path to the left and use the door of the house to open it. Walk into the house and go up the stairs to meet the witch. Talk to her three times to wake her up and then talk to her about who she is and where you are. Ask her what you should do and she’ll tell you about the corpse. Tell her you’ll dig it up and then leave her. Walk to the north to leave the room and to the right to leave the house.


Walk south to the barn entrance and then keep walking to the right until you reach a bridge. There’s a guard and no matter what you say, he’ll throw you in jail. To get out, pick up the POT next to the door and use it on yourself to urinate in it. Then pick up the SKULL next to the door and talk to the door to call the guard. Once he’s in  the cell, throw the skull at him to knock him out and you can leave the cell.

Pick up the KNIFE from the floor and take the BONE from the table. In your inventory use the knife on the bone to make it sharp and use the sharpened bone on the padlock of the box behind the table. You’ll find a KEYRING inside. Take the empty BOTTLE from the table and use the bottle on the barrel next to the door on the right to fill it with wine. The use the filled bottle on the barrel on the left and you’ll see some stones crumble from the wall.

Pull the loose stone to move the barrel and free the trapdoor. Use the keyring from your inventory to unlock the door and go through. Walk to the lower left of the cave to see the other side and find a huge gap you need to cross. Walk back to the right and use the ladder to climb up again. Take the BOARD standing against the wall and walk to the trapdoor on the lower left again.

Walk to the hole in the ground on the other side of the cave by walking to the lower left and use the board on the hole to cross to the other side. Walk to the upper right to leave the cave. Once outside walk to the south to see a little gnome wandering around. Leave him for now and walk to the left.

There’s a house and when you look at the door you see there’s no doorknob. Next to the door is a small hole that the gnome could fit through but then you first have to get the gnome. Between the dead tree and the house is some GRASS moving. Take it and walk to the right twice. You’re now at the cemetery. Walk north to the white crosses in the back and to the right to visit the cemetery of the gnomes. Take some LEAVES from next to the tree stump and use the bush on the right to get a NUT.

Walk south twice to return to the wandering gnome. Use the shovel on the ground to dig a hole and cover the hole with grass. Put the leaves over the grass and drop the nut on the leaves. That will attract the gnome without him seeing the hole. Walk behind the tree on the right to hide and when you can’t be seen, the gnome will fall for the trap. Use the hole to pick up the GNOME.

Walk to the left and use the gnome on the little hole next to the door. The gnome will go inside the house.

Playing as the gnome:

Walk under the bed until you find a small KEY. Use the key to unlock the cabinet and take the GOLD COINS from the cabinet. Walk through the hole in the wall to leave the house.

Playing as Jimmy:

The gnome runs off so follow him to the right and lower right to visit the gnome village. You can see the gnome disappear into a cave but it’s way too small for you. Walk to the left three times where you’ll find Walter sitting against a tree. Talk to him and learn more about the evil queen, the forest of the neverending night and the wish to kill the queen.

After the conversation walk to the left and meet a bee. The bee tells you that when you want to go through the forest, you’ll need a compass. Fortunately there’s a shop that sells them. But you can only buy if you’re a member and you don’t have the password. The bee has it though…

When the bee has gone, quickly follow it to the right and then to the south. Continue to the left until you reach the shop. Make sure you reach it before the bee enters so you can hide behind the house with the red roof. Once out of sight, the bee arrives and will reveal the password.

When you’re not quick enough you can find the bee in the woods and follow him again to the shop. Make sure you’re quick enough this time. Once you know the password, knock on the door and tell the right password. Talk to the shopkeeper and have a look around for items you could use. Seems that you need money first though.

Walk north to leave the shop and then left four times to reach Bruella’s house. Use the door to open it and walk inside. Go up the stairs and talk to the witch. She’ll tell you about the potion you can use to get to the gnome. But just as she’s about to reveal what ingredient to add, she falls asleep again. Walk north to downstairs and take the potion from the cabinet.

In your inventory add the toadstool to the potion to activate the potion of small. Walk to the right to leave the house and walk south. Walk to the right seven times and then to the lower right to Gnome Village. Walk to the cave on the right and use the potion on yourself. Then enter the cave.

Talk to Wolgar and ask for Stanley. Walk to the right and to the lower right corner to find explosives and an opening in the wall. Still no Stanley but a ladder on the wall and three handles. To get the ladder down pull the left lever, the right lever, the left one followed by the middle one. Use the ladder to climb up.

You finally catch up with Stanley and get the GOLD COINS. Walk down the ladder and south, to the left three times to leave the cave. Walk to the left three times. Where Walter is sitting, walk south and once left again to reach the shop. Use the door to enter and inside buy the COMPASS and the pink PIGGY BANK.

Leave the shop and walk into the house in the middle. On the floor is a bucket of PAINT and a BRUSH. Leave the house on the right. Walk to the left twice and then south to visit Benny. Talk to Benny and ask for a fish. You can only get one if you make him an offer he can’t refuse.

You can give him the pink piggy bank but it reminds him of a piggy bank he had once. In your inventory use the red paint with the piggy bank to paint it and give the red piggy bank to Benny. You can now take a FISH. Walk to the left to leave the stream and walk to the right four times to right to reach Walter, then to the left twice to the entrance of the forest.

A cat will walk towards you and if you’re not quick enough you’ll run off. As soon as the cat starts walking, throw the fish at it to distract it. You can now walk into the forest. Walk to the right twice, then south and right again. Talk to Charlie. Talk about him and everything and when you end the conversation he’ll say that he’s tired. He’ll close his eyes and that’s the right time to get the KEY from the branch on the tree on the right.

Leave the forest the reverse route you came: to the left, north, to the left twice and south. Walk all the way to the right until you reach the graveyard. Take the path to the left to reach the family tomb. Use the key you took from the tree on the door of the tomb to unlock it and walk into the tomb.

Use the coffin under the shield to open it and look inside. There’s a ring on the skeleton. Use the coffin again to take the RING. Walk to the right to leave the tomb and to the right and south to get away from the graveyard. Walk all the way to the left to the entrance of the forest. Go north into then forest. Then walk to the right twice, then south and right again. Talk to Charlie about his wife. Walk to the left three times to Medora Village and north into the village.  Use the door of the house on the left  in the back to enter it.

Try to open the cabinet and you’ll be greeted by Charlie’s wife. Talk to her and when she’s in doubt whether to go to him, tell her he misses her. Still in doubt tell her it won’t hurt to visit him. She’ll leave the house. Go up the stairs and walk through the open door on the left.

Use the jewelry box on the left and see that there’s a small KEY inside. Take it and use it on the diary on the bed. Look through the diary until you have the combination for the lock. Use the drawer on the nightstand and look inside. Take the small CASSETTE out and look at it in your inventory. It’s record protected. Leave the room on the left. Walk down the stairs and use the desk against the back wall.

You need to enter the right combination so enter 732 as you read in the diary. You’ll take the TAPE RECORDER out. Leave the house on the right and enter the one on the right side in the back. On the wall is a poster and you can take the piece of TAPE from the lower right corner. Leave the house on the right and the village on the south.

Follow the path to the south and to the right to meet an ugly troll. In your inventory use the piece of tape on the cassette and insert the cassette into the recorder. Use the recorder on the troll to record a piece of his vocabulary. Walk to the left and use the tree stump to try to talk to the inhabitants but you’re asked to leave. Walk further to the left and meet Bub and Bob the pumpkins.

After the conversation, put the gold ring in the hollow under Bob and the gate will open. Walk north into the park and follow the path to the left. Finally you reach the grave. Use the shovel on the ground in front of the grave but the owl will prevent it. Use the tape recorder on the tombstone to scare away the owl. Use the shovel again on the ground in front of the stone and use the hole to get the BOOK out.

Talk to Bruella and once she has left, you still have a SPELL from the book. Leave the room and walk to the right to leave the house. Walk south and to the right until you reach Walter and then to the left twice. Go north into the forest. Walk to the right twice, then south, left and south again. Follow the path to the snot eating troll on the lower right. Use the spell from your inventory on the troll to turn him into a frog and continue to the right to the entrance of the cave.

Go north into the cave and walk left next to the cart. Walk to the right along the edge and follow the track to the right. Climb the ladder to finally reach the hideout of Josephine.  Inside walk to the left and pick up the flower pot under the stairs to find a KEY under the pot. Pick it up and climb the stairs. At the top of the second set of stairs is a painting. Walk towards the painting and you’ll be sucked into it and end up on the island in the painting.

When the clam opens you can see a pearl inside. To get the pearl, take a FLAG from the sand castle and use it on the clam to keep it open. Now you can take the PEARL out. Take the EXOTIC DRINK from the chair and then talk to Professor Brown. He’ll tell you about Josephine, the painting and how to get home. He’ll ask you to meet in his house so follow him to the right. Walk the path to the south and into the house of the professor.

Talk to the prof and he’ll ask you to get three things for his paint. Talk to him again and ask about the place. He’ll tell you about the Indian village. After the conversation, take the BATTERIES from the desk and open the middle drawer to take a VACUUM CLEANER out. Pick up the HOLLOW STICK next to the fireplace and talk to the professor again.

Walk north to leave the house and outside go to the right. Opposite the totem pole walk south into the village. Walk to the left and a ghost will stop you. You can only pass if you play and win his game. Walk in little steps towards him to stand still at the right time. When you’ve won, the ghost will disappear and you can continue to the left.

Take a TOOTH from the totempole and walk back to the right twice to the first totempole. In your inventory put the tooth in the exotic drink to make the tooth sticky and insert it into the totempole. The pole will open and you can take a PIPE out. Look at the pipe to see some strange herbs in it. Walk over the path to the right.

At the lake go right once more and meet the QuizLady. Talk to her and tell her you want to do the quiz.  The answers are:

The color of the barn: Light brown
The color of the tent of the guard: Red
How many fishes could you see in the bucket: 3
How many tombstones in the Gnome cemetery: 11

The last question is a giveaway so you win the prize: a bag of SEEDS. Walk to the right to find a tree with golden apples. Use the hollow stick from your inventory on the apples. After several attempts one will fall down. When you try to take the apple, the fairy will prevent it.

In your inventory put the batteries in the vacuum cleaner and suck the APPLE from the circle of toadstools. Walk to the left until you reach the professors house and walk inside. Put the apple, the pipe and the pearl into the bucket and the professor will make the paint.

Once outside, you have to wait a bit until it’s time to go in again. Enter the house and find the professor on the floor. He smoked too much. Use the painting to return to Josephine’s place.  Walk further up the stairs into the bedroom and use the castle key you found under the flower pot on the chest next to the bed. Use the chest to find a magic MIRROR and a button that you’ll push.

The nightstand left of the bed is now unlocked and open it to find another button. After pressing this one, you can open the jar on the nightstand on the right. Push the button inside to open the wardrobe and reveal a secret room. Step inside to return home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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