There’s a problem on the ship and you’re wanted downstairs.

Walk to the left and use the opening on the left side of the tunnel to go through. Call the elevator by pressing the ‘call’ button. Walk onto the elevator platform and push the down arrow under the call button. Use the keycard in your inventory on the yellow door on the right to hear some disturbing noises.

Once outside, wait until the green creature has left and then follow it to the right.  You’ll find a dry lake and when you walk further to the right you’ll find two small huts. Enter the one on the right  (don’t follow the creature this time)  and take the TRANSLATION CHIP and the LASER WEAPON with you. Leave the hut and walk into the hut on the left. Use the translation chip on one of the green creatures to learn that they need water.

Leave the hut and go to the left back to the dried up lake.Talk to the man in space suit to find out he wants to become a villain but doesn’t have a gun. Give him your laser weapon and you’ll get a SHARP METAL piece.  Use the sharp metal piece on the center of the dried up lake and you’ll have water again. As thanks you can use the pod  in the lower left corner to go back to earth.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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