Police Station:

Pick up the GLOVES from the floor and leave the office.Talk to Jack standing in the hallway and he tells you to go to the boss. Use the door behind the screen to go to the hallway and use the button of the elevator. Select level 2 and use the door directly left of the elevator. There’s the boss.

Talk to the man and he’ll tell you about the murder. You get the KEY get access to the car park. Leave the man and the room and use the button of the elevator again. Select level 1 and use the doors in the north to leave the building.

Use the key on the fence on the left to go to the car park. Use your own keys to use the car and drive to the crime scene.


Crime Scene:

Talk to Isak and ask to look around. Look at the body, the bloody footprints and the bulletholes. Talk to the man on the left to learn about the killer. Leave the scene again and go to the mortuary.


Hulst is working on the body. On the table is a bowl with something in it. Talk to Hulst and ask if you can look and use the computer. You can. Look at the bowl. There are fingers in it. Look at the body and you can see the hand is missing and the bullet holes in the body. Use the computer and view the picture. Look closely at the wound in the head. You’ll make a PICTURE of it. Leave the computer and look at the body again. Use the picture on the body on the table to compare it and find out that there’s a BRANCH in his hair. Leave the morgue and return to the crime scene.

Crime Scene:

Use the branch on the bullet holes in the wall to get a BULLET out.Look at the bloody pants and the bloody shoe. There’s something under them. Use the gloves to get the FLYER with the Chinese logo. Leave the scene and on the map use the logo on the Chinese.


Look at the intercom. Talk to the intercom to find out they won’t let you in. Look at the gate. It’s locked. Use the bullet on your gun to remind you that you need bullets. You’ll get them and load your gun. Use the gun on the gate to shoot the lock. You’re now in the alley.

Use the back door to get into the kitchen. A fight will take place and the chinese man will be behind the counter. Use the gun on the man to kill him and then use the door to clean up the body and return to a bloddy mess. Take the NEWSPAPER from the floor. In the cupboards you can find a . Use the door to go into the restaurant.

Use the phone on the wall to call for backup. Put  the  camera in the plants. Then use the newspaper on the table on the left to sit and watch…

You’ll overhear the conversation. When they’re done talking, grab the table. They’ll notice you and start asking questions. You’ll tell the story and ask them to freeze. They all search cover. Use your gun to shoot the light to end it all.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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