You want your body back and need a ship to get to Phatt Island.

Use the door on the left to leave the house and walk to the right into town. Use the second door on the right to enter Stan’s shop and talk to Stan. Tell him you need a ship and that you want to trade. Tell him you have a Chinese doll and he’ll let you use the ship.

On the island go to jail and talk to the man inside. He’ll tell you that Guybrush was taken by the crew. You need to get this man out of jail. Leave the jail and walk to the left to follow the path to the villa. Inside the governors house talk to the guard. Ask about the crime committed and he’ll give you the DRAWINGS of the scene of the crime.

Tell him he’s not mentally ill and he’ll tell about the tests and the answers lying in the governors room. Open the door north into the kitchen and talk to the chef and he’ll tell you about the Anesthetic he can make if you can bring him a fish and some fertilizer.


Look at the shelved near the door to find an carton with ACID. Use the door to leave the kitchen and leave the house on the right. Enter jail again and give the drawings to Towakon. He’ll tell you to search under F. Leave jail and walk to the right and enter the library. Use the card index and look under the F. There’s the FERTILIZER.

Look at the fertilizer and you’ll find the WORMS. Leave the library and go to the pier. Someone left a FISHING ROD. Use the rod in the sea to catch the FISH. Walk all the way to the left and follow the path to the villa. Open the door to the kitchen and the chef will give you the bottle with ANESTHETIC. Leave the kitchen and walk up the stairs to the room of the governor.

The governor will take the drink and fall into a deep sleep, revealing a bulge under the bed. Use the acid on the bulge to cut it open and find the ANSWERS to the test. Use the door to leave the room and walk to the right to leave the villa. Use the door to jail again and you have to do the oral test.

For the first question, tell him it’s according to modern theory.
For the second question, tell him your real name is Samantha.
For the third question, tell him he’s colorblind.
For the fourth question, tell him he just looks like him.
For the fifth question, it doesn’t matter because the answer is correct.

Towakon can leave jail and you’ll sail to Monkey Island. Walk to the left to find the cannibals. You need something to trade first. Walk all the way to the right until you find the ghost ship. But to enter it you’ll need a necklace. Walk left to the monkey head and take the left most IDOL from the ground. Walk all the way left to the cannibals and since you have the idol, they’ll give you the NECKLACE. But you must bring it back after use.

Walk all the way to the right and now you can enter. Use the door on the right to enter the captain’s hut and find Guybrush.  On the beach walk to the left to return the necklace.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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