You want to kill Guybrush as quickly as possible.

Walk to the left and leave the house. Go to the right into the city. Use the second door on the right and talk to Stan. He can help you but needs the three colored drinks and a container to drink out of. Pick up the BUCKET next to the door and leave the shop. Walk to the right and go north to the harbor. Enter the pub and talk to the drunkard.

Ask him for the obscured drinks and he’ll tell you he doesn’t know but he’ll know a poem. Ask for the poem and he’ll tell you he wants to drink first. Walk to the right and use the door to enter the kitchen. Use the bucket on the leaky barrel with GROG. Go back into the bar and give the bucket to the drunkard. He’ll tell you the poem so pay attention.

Talk to the drunkard again and tell him about I am you and you are me. Keep adding to the story until he loses track and then tell him he owes you some money. He’ll give you 20 PIECES OF EIGHT. Walk to the right into the kitchen again and fill the bucket again with GROG. Leave the kitchen and leave the bar on the left.On the pier walk all the way to the left and north up the hill.


In the stone wall on the left is one misplaced brick. Look at it to see it’s hollow and use the bucket with grog on it to dissolve the brick and find the Y-DRINK. Walk down the steps and on the pier all the way to the right until you’re in town again. Talk to Largo on the left and ask him what he’s doing here and what he has for sale. He has a voodoo key for 20 pieces of eight. Give him the money and you’ll get the VOODOO KEY.

Use the door on the right, closest to the clock (remember the poem?). Use the voodoo key on the door and visit the Voodoo Lady. Ask her for the ingredients and she’ll give you the G-DRINK and a KNIFE. Walk to the left and use the coffin to leave the lady. Walk north under the clock and enter the mansion again.

On the right there’s a strange painting. Use the knife on the painting to discover a hole behind it. Look at the hole to get the R-DRINK. Leave the house again and walk to the right into town. Use the second door on the right to tell Stan that you have all the ingredients.

After a bad dream he has the POTION ready for you. Leave the shop and walk north under the clock and enter the mansion. There you’ll drink the potion but realize it has indeed been a mistake.

Use the door of jail and inside talk to Fafri. Again he can help you but he first wants something in return. Bring him the fruit of fear. Leave jail and enter the library on the right. There’s a thief standing next to the book shelf and when you use the heap of books to throw down some books, the thief is scared and puts a big book back on the table. Pick up the BOOK and leave the library. Go to jail on the left and give the book, the fruit of fear, to Fafri. He’ll reward you… but not in this chapter.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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