After you got up, you’re in the hypersleep room with Ellie and the Captain. You have to find out what that explosion was. Look at the green monitor next to your bed and you can see that there might be an intruder. Talk to the captain to learn what happened and receive your orders: secure the ship and check for damage.

Walk to the door and the captain will give everyone his assignement. You should check the engines. Leave the room. Walk to the south and then go left. Walk to the right of the hall until you see the entrance to the engine room in between the C3 cargo rooms.

Go south and enter the engine room. Walk downstairs to the control panel. As soon as you want to adjust the settings, you hear Ellie over the radio. You’d better check it out. Leave the engine room and walk to the left. After you’ve passed then C2 gargo room you get the doors to other cargo bays. Push the red button and the door will open. Enter the room.

Use the elevator to go downstairs and enter the room on the right. There’s Ellie and she doesn’t look good. Talk to her to find out what’s wrong. Talk again and you’ll get her foot locker KEY to get the suit patches. Look in the opening right of Ellie. That was blast away. Look in the opening to find some EXPLOSIVES. Take these and leave the room. Take the elevator upstairs and go left back to the hallway. Take the door on the left, then the one on the north. The door on the left there goes back to the hypersleep chamber.


The captain is here as well. He’ll go with you. Use the key on Ellies footlocker and take the PATCHES out. The captain will leave already. Leave the room and go south again. Then the door on the left and then the cargo bay door on the right. Use the elevator and go into the room on the right. As soon as you do, the lights go out.

You’ve managed to get out of the room, take the elevator upstairs and disable power to the elevators. As of now, you can encounter the intruder. Be prepared to use your gun and shoot the man. When you’ve done so, stay alert. The fact that you shot him, doesn’t mean he’s dead.

Walk to the left and take the door on the left. Then go to the north and use the green panel on the right to open the door in front of you. Enter the room and use the chair to activate the hologram computer. It’s locked by the captain. And the undo that you need to reboot the powersupply.

Exit the computer and go south. Now you can hear an explosion. Go south again and then left. Walk the hallway to the right until the engine room and enter it on the south. Go to the panel with buttons and read the memo with intructions next to it. When you’re half done and fed up with the manual, use the switches on the right. That will kill the power.

When the power is restored, leave the room again and in the hallway walk to the left until the end. Take the left door, then the door to the north twice and you’re in the control room again. Use the chair to start the computer and see what the system has to say.

Engine failure. Could that have been the blow you heard earlier? Let’s check it out. Leave the room and walk to the south. Then to the left and in the corridor, return to the engineroom in the middle. Stay alert for the intruder!

When you’re downstairs in the engine room, left and right are two hatches. Take the left one. When you walk to the end of the tunnel, all the way to the left, you can see a gaping hole in the wall. Go south here to check the engine. The switches are down so you need to adjust them. Switch them to up.

The lights go out again and you manage to shoot the intruder. When the lights turn on again you realize that you shot something else as well. You need to get out of there. Walk the tunnel back to the engine room. Be carefull! The intruder is still chasing you and you’re out of ammo. Keep walking. If you stand still, you’ll certainly be caught. Back into the engine room leave that as well, just in time to put the blast seals into position and the intruder is blasted into outer space.

One problem solved… but another created because you can’t get back into the engine room anymore. Walk the hallway to the right until the end and go through the right door. Then to the north twice to get to the control room again. Start the computer by getting into your seat and browse through all functions. The one with the power overview is important so you can see that the hypersleep chambers don’t have power. Ans you need the captain’s password for that. And to get to the captain, you need to get through the blast wall.

Leave the computer, walk south and take the elevator down. Go through the door on the left. It’s the storage room. Let’s see if we can find some usefull material here. Take the lid off the grey crate in the center and look inside. There’s a communication device. Open the panel and see what’s underneath. A lot of electronics but the TIMER device might come in handy. Open the lids of the crates on the left. The top one holds AMMO. A reload of the gun never hurts. The middle one contains POWER CELLS. Maybe we can create some device. Use the power cell on the timer. Then use the powered timer on the explosives. One timebomb.

Leave the room and take the elevator upstairs. Walk to the south, then to the left. In the hallway walk to the right until you reach the blast seals. Place the timebomb against the blast seal and walk back to the left, take the door on the left and go north. Then take the door on the left to the hypersleep chambers. You’ll hear an explosion.

Walk back to the blast seals: out of the room, south, left and all the way to the right to discover the blast seals are gone! Walk to the south to get into the engine room. Take the hatch on the left and walk to the left in the tunnel. Go through the created hole in the wall and leave the room. Walk into the room on the right. There are the captain and Ellie. Dead. Use the body of the captain to search him. You’ll find the KEY of his footlocker.

Leave the room and go into the room on the left. Climb through the hole and walk all the way to the right. Then use the hatch to climb out. Leave the engine room and walk all the way to the left. Use the door on the left and go north. Then the door on the left to the hypersleep chambers. Use the key of the captains footlocker to open the box and get his notebook out. Use the notebook in your inventory to get the info out. There’s the password!

Leave the room and go to the north to the control room. Use the seat and look at the computer. Use the power control button (7th) to check the status. You can reset it. When the power is restored, leave the computer and the room. Go to the left to the hypersleep chamber and select you own bed to get some rest… Just push the sleep button.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. I’m so proud, my first game and someone went through the trouble to make a walkthrough… *wipes a tear of joy from the corner of my eye*

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