You’re locked inside a temple once again.

Take a look around. Talk to Shelly. Ask her if she knows a way out but she leaves it up to you. Look at the narrow gap on the left. Talk to Shelly again and ask her if she’s hungry. You can offer her the red herring but she won’t. Good thing otherwise it wouldn’t be red herring anymore.Tell her she looks like she has some reserves. She won’t be happy about this remark and ask you what you mean by that. Tell her that you’re worried that she may not fit.

Shelly proves that she can enter the narrow gap and returns with 6 SPHERES. Use each sphere on one of the pedestals next to the stairs. Once the six spheres have been placed, the colour is irrelevant, a compartment will open. Use the compartment to find a METAL BAR.

Walk up the stairs on the left and enter the room. You’ll find Agni here. Use the metal bar with the statue and pull the lever. The metal will melt and flow back into the temple. A mirror is created and the light will be reflected by the mirrors and the spheres creating a familiar picture. A copmpartment on the right of the base will open. Use the compartment to open a valve and climb the stairs on the right, entering the room on the right.


Look at the statue and push the mask on the wall to let the statue blow some air, creating snowflakes. Leave the room and you’ll walk down the stairs. Now this is the part where you’d expect to be able to leave and yes, you won’t be disappointed. Use the sleigh and you’ll take off.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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