What a party! You have to wait until Walt has finished opening his presents. And he hasn’t even started yet. We don’t want to wait that long.

But he made sure you weren’t fooling around with the pinata since he put a guard there. But that doesn’t stop us. Let’s talk to Smokey, maybe he can help. He can’t. All he want to do is smoke. But he’s not allowed to since there’s that sign. Take the SIGN. Better still, take the NAILS as well. Smokey is happy now.

Talk to the guard and ask very friendly if you can play with the pinata. You can’t. But the man wants a drink. He’ll give you his BLUE CUP to fill with punch. Before doing that, put the nails in the puch to ‘spike’ it. Then use the cup on the bowl and give the filled cup back to the guard. One thing less to worry about. Now the pinata.

Look at the cake on the counter. One of the candles look like DYNAMITE. Take it from the cake and ask Smokey if he can light the candle. Just below the surface of the counter you notice some duct tape. You can’t pick it up but in case of need.
Use the dynamite on the pinata and stick it with the tape. Now run from the pinata because it’s about to spread the candy….


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

One Reply to “I Want Candy – Walkthrough (Brodie Lister/2001)”

  1. I never thought I’d see a walkthrough for my silly little game.

    Fun fact: This game was made in under 4 hours.

    Fun fact #2: It shows.

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