You must rescue Luke from that horrible iguana.

It would help if you had some laxatives. Look at the dirty papers around the iguana. In the middle there’s a LEAFLET. Pick it up and look at it. It’s for pizza’s. Use the phone on the leaflet to order. When you hang up the bell rings so use the front door to answer. It’s your pizza. Talk to the delivery boy and learn he wants to get paid.

Walk to the north to the kitchen and take the bag with COINS next to the freezer. But the coins are chocolate coins. Look around. Look at the filty dishes and use them to find a FORK. Use the fork on the gap next to the crusher and your fork is bent. Look at the crusher and discover it doesn’t work.

Walk north back to the living room and use the door on the right to the bathroom. The door is missing a doorknob so use the bent fork on the door to serve as a handle. Use the door again to enter the bathroom. Take the LAXATIVE from the cabinet above the sink and take the SALT GNOME from the shelf.  Next to the door back to the living room is a switch. Use it to discover that nothing happens.


Walk to the left to the living room and go north to the kitchen. Use the salt gnome with the crusher and use the crusher to create salt. Open the freezer on the right and use the salt with the freezer to remove the big block of ice. Then put the chocolate coins in the freezer and close the door.

Open the freezer door and take the COINS out. Walk to the north to the living room and give the frozen coins to the delivery boy. He’ll give you the PIZZA. Use the laxative with the pizza and give the pizza to the iguana. In goes the pizza and out comes the …..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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