Talk to the old man in the inn and you’ll have to get some ingredients to save the tomatos. Walk to the left to leave the inn and go north. Use the door to enter the palace. In the middle on the carpet is the king. Talk to him.

So you can have the last tomato if you find the other ingredients first. Leave the palace on the right and walk south to the stone wall. Walk to the south again and look at the sign. Walk to the left to the Dolmen and see the huge stones. From there walk to the south to see the waterfall. Take some ROCKS from the ground. Walk north and right to return to the roadsign again.

Go south to the forest and walk to the right. You’ll see a huge stone cave in front of you. Walk to the north and follow the spiral road to the entrance of the cave. On the other side is Ogress standing. Talk to the ogre and ask for the ring. Let it turn into a fight of rock, paper, scissors. Use paper three times and you’ll win the RING.

Walk to the ramp near the water and use the water to pull a HERRING out. Leave the cave on the upper right side and walk the spiral road back downstairs. From there walk to the south and talk to the lady with the bow. Tell her about the quest and ask about the pixies. So you can buy one for 32 gold if you tell where to find ancient buildings. Tell her about the Dolmen you saw on your way. The lady walks away.


Walk to the south and look at the knot in the tree. Use the knot to take a RUBBER CHICKEN out. Walk to the left and talk to the lady who’s having a picnic. Tell about the quest and ask about the apple. You can have it if you play riddles. You can always give up during the riddles and talk to the rubber chicken for hints. The answers are: Moon, Bee, Spider, Onion & Love. You’ll receive the APPLE.

Walk to the north, right and north again to reach the cave. Walk to the left, north and left again to find the Dolmen. There’s the lady with the bow again. Talk to her and ask her everything about the dust. Then buy the PIXIE. Open your inventory and look at the pixie. Talk to the pixie and free her. Tell her about the quest and ask for dust. Eventually release the pixie. You’ll get the DUST.

Walk to the right and go north back to town. Below the gate is an Elk Knight preventing your passage. Talk to the man and he’ll only let you pass if you give him a red herring. You have a herring but it’s not red. Use the stones you found earlier on the knight to knock him out. Alternatively you might want to eat the banana and the knight will slip over the peel. Your passage is clear.

Go north and use the door on the north to return to the king. Talk to him and you’ll get the last TOMATO. Leave on the right and go back to the inn by using the door on the right. Give the tomato to the old man and he can start growing tomatos again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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