A strange fly lands on a rock.

Try to grab the fly and each time you do you see a flash of a ghost. Keep trying to catch the fly until you can speak to the ghost. Learn about the essence and the source. After the ghost has gone, try to catch the fly again and you can take the fly with you.

Look at the pillar and the signs on it. Examine the symbols and then place the fly near the pillar. The pillar starts glowing and more ghosts appear.

Use the strange tree on the left to see the spheres glowing when you touch them. Then also a spirit becomes visible. Use the spirit to talk to her. Try to touch her, greet her but whatever you do, the spirit doesn’t see you. When you leave the spirit, the fly returns again. The spirit can see the fly. You need to get the fly to the spirit. Touch the tree to turn the lights off and then catch the fly. It will fly to the top of the rocks. Use the tree again to turn the lights on and then catch the fly. It will fly towards the light, passing and landing on the spirit. The spirit can see you now.


Talk to the spirit and ask about the source. Talk more and you’ll learn about the monastery. Leave the spirit and you’ll walk away. The fly will follow. At the bridge walk further to the right across the bridge. The statue will glow up. Look at the statue and then talk to the statue. When there’s no answer, touch the statue. The fly will fly away. Leave the statue and walk to the right again. There will be a spirit now.

Talk to the spirit and ask for the monastery. When the spitrit is gone, you’ll walk further across the bridge. When arriving at the little house, use the door to knock and the fly will return again. Use the door again to see if someone is home. A monk will answer.

Talk to the monk about the source and the monastery. He’ll tell you about the state it is in. Then you’ll walk on. At the ruins of the monastery the only thing left seems to be the statue. Look at it and a spirit will appear. Talk to the spirit but it doesn’t help much. Then you’ll walk further to the right. The fly will follow. When standing on the edge of the rock, look at the pillar to recognize the signs on it. Another spirit will show up. Talk to the spirit and he’ll guide you to become the source.

You now must guide someone else but can’t speak or be seen. So you have to communicate in another way. The statues will help you. Use the right statue (place), the middle (of) and the left one (knowledge). Then use the right one again (lies), then left one (past) and then the middle one (here). Finally the left one (seek), the right one (hollow) and  the middle one (passage). This will help the traveler on his way.

You need to open the door to the underground passage. All lights should be lit. Number them from left to right, form 1 to 4. Then use them all, from 1 to 4 to make all lights burn and the door will open. The pilgrim will walk inside and you’ll follow him. When you land on the first sphere the light will go on so use the sphere on the right to make the pilgrim walk. Do the same with the next one and finally with the sphere above the door. Then the pilgrim can read the combination for you to open the door.

Use the lights to return to the other side of the tunnel and look at the little lights above the sphere. These will trigger the keys below it but it’s not a one-on-one combination. So you need to figure out first which light controls which key and then recalculate the order so the keys get pressed in the correct order. So number the lights from 1 to 4 from left to right and use the order: 2, 3, 1 and 4 so the keys get pressed in the order as shown on the door. The door will now open and the pilgrim will leave the cave.

When the pilgrim has spoken to the monk and is watching the one glowing eye of the statue, use the other eye of the statue to make it glow as well.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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