You’re in a very dark room. Maybe there’s a way to escape. Press the TAB key and find there’s a lighter in your pocket. Take it and use it so you have a bit more light and you can see a little more. Turn around until you see one of your shoes on the floor. Take the SHOE. Use the shoe on the shelf behind it. You lose the shoe but a plank falls down and is a bit longer than the shoe. Take the PLANK.

Just a bit to the right of the shelf you can barely see a switch. Trying to use the plank shows that the plank just isn’t long enough. Turn a bit more to the right and there’s a rack full with tools. Use the plank on the SAW. You can hold on to the saw but the HANGER fell on the floor. Take it from the floor. Use the hanger on the lightswitch. Just throw it there and the light switches on. Finally. Take the hanger from the floor again.

Under the tools, you can see the chain that you must be attached to. Use the saw on the chain to see if you can saw your way through the chain. Unfortunately the chain is too heavy but you got some IRON SHAVINGS. Take it.

Turn around and look at the stairs in the back, your only way out, when you’re loosened from the chain. To the right of the stairs is another cabinet. In the cabinet is a box but beyond your reach. Use the hanger on the box there like you did with the lightswitch. This time you lose the hanger but can open the box and see some picture. You try to identify what’s on them. Turn a bit to the right and see the bookshelf. Use the plank to knock a book from the bookshelf. You can’t take it but al least you can read it.


Turn around completely and find that there was more in the box than you thought. There’s a BALL. Take the ball and in your inventory use the saw on the ball. This will cut a hole in it. Then use the iron shaving on the ball to make a sort of bomb. Turn around again and look at the stairs. To the left of them is a furnace. Throw the ball in the furnace to create some mayhem.

Look at the stairs again. There’s now a symbol in front of it. Some weird writing. Use the book on the floor to translate it.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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