[Note: The solution given here is for the “I don’t wanna get HARD at all!” mode and is one of many possible outcomes.]

Open your wristcom and update your log. Walk to the right and quip to Lt. Scatman. He’ll tell you about the damage to the transputter.

Ask him if he’s playing StarTris again and when he wants to know is he’s reported for that, ask him about the android. Ask him what is wrong with the transputter and if he can fix it. You have to do that yourself. Walk towards the heart  shaped swishing doors and interact with the lift controls to visit the transputter room.  Slug the circuitry panel to have a look inside the transputter room.

You need to power each axis. Number the square from 1 to 9 from left to right from top to bottom.


X-Axis: 9 up twice, 6 left, 9 left, 9 up. Press the blue button to select the x-axis and the yellow button to run the diagnostics.
Y-Axis: 9 left, 8 up. Press the blue button to select the y-axis and the yellow button to run the diagnostics.
Z-Axis: 6 left twice, 5 right, 6 up, 6 down. Press the blue button to select the z-axis and the yellow button to run the diagnostics.

The transputter is reset and you can press the green button to commit the changes. Interact with the transporter controls on top of the machine and you’re teleported to Fallux V. Walk south to see the map and walk north to the collapsed bridge. It needs to be repaired. There may be wounded people on the other side so use the wristcom to call Ramsey. He and Spears join you.

Order Spunk on the manly statue and he’ll discover the base isn’t solid. Use your Sputta Stunner on the statue and everyone will join. Walk to the right across the fallen statue. On the map walk to the right into the village. Order Ramsey on the villager to assess the injuries. Quip with the man and learn more about the enemy. When the villager can’t talk anymore, give him something for the pain.

Walk further to the right and you’ll be surrounded. State your position to Depantroclus but he won’t listen. Question the captors and he’ll tell about the ruined village. Ask more about the ruined village. Finally ask about his judgment. Demand a chance to defend yourself and you’ll get it: in the arena.

When asked for final words, insult his religion and then question the concept of order. Challenge the logic and then challenge him directly. He throws your pants down. Pick your PANTS [Pantsed Award] up and interact with them in your inventory to get the contents out. Interact with the DIRK on the floor and use the dirk with the impressive codpiece on the right to take CODPIECE.

Interact with the BLOODY SAND below Ramsey and some of the loose STONES under the gong. In your inventory put the bloody sand and the stones into the codpiece to create a makeshift sling. Use it on both gongs and the creature will stop and cover his ears. Quickly use the Sputta Stunner on the bear to send it back to where it came from. You’ve won your freedom back.

Interact with  Laya to untie her and then talk to her to learn more about what happened to the village. Then ask her to take you to the temple. Outside on the map walk north to the temple. Follow the path to enter the temple. Once inside use the wristcom to update the captains log [Lothario Award].

Order Spunk on the strange crystal the statue is holding and a panel in the column on the left will open. Order Spunk on the writing next to it and he’ll analyze the writing and do a quick translation. Notice the colors he mentions in the text. Interact with the strange device and you’ll see a solar system. Color the planets according to Spunk’s translation: from the inside ring to the outside: yellow, red, white, green and purple.

The strange crystal will glow and reveal a location in the ruins. Walk south to leave the temple and down the path to the south to see the map. Walk to the ruins on the right. Walk across the single red plank into the opening in the ruins.

If you let Spears go first:

you’ll get the [Secursity Award], continue as if you go first.

If you let Laya go first:

The crew is not recognized as hostile and ignored. Walk to the left and interact with Computer Cycle A. You need to get the column on the right (purple) to the maximum value by changing the values of the others:

lower P, lower D, lower P, lower E, lower D, lower P, lower M, lower E, lower D, lower P, lower M, lower E, lower M, lower D, lower E, lower M, lower P, lower D, lower P.  The Gaylik will shut down.

If you go first yourself:

You’re on a timer now so you need to hurry. Quip with the Gaylik. Use tact and ask why to destroy all the females. Tell him men would still kill men. Question his logic. Then attack the purpose and the Gaylik shuts down. [Tactician Award]

Walk to the upload terminal on the left and interact with the blue and red wire coming from the side to swap them. Then interact with the upload terminal to see the circuits and you need to rewire them. Use the red evil looking chip at the lower right to remove it and you can switch circuits. Number the panels from 1 to 16 from left to right, top to bottom and turn:

panel 4 – three times, panel 5 – once, panel 8 – twice, panel 9 – twice, panel 10 – twice, panel 13 – twice, panel 14 – twice, panel 15 – once, panel 16 – twice. Disrupt the current circuit by turning panel 12 once.

Talk to Titan and ask everything to learn more about the situation. If he asks you what to do, tell him to shut down [Rank B Award]. (If you let Titan live you’ll reach [Rank C Award], if you let Laya decide, you’ll be fired.)   Talk to Laya and tell her your feelings, then kiss her [Amicable Award].

Back on the ship quip with Spunk to let him call the admiral. He’ll award you with a Silver Medal.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

3 Replies to “Hard Space – Walkthrough (Shane Stevens/2010)

  1. Haha, nice!

    Edits and additions to my previous post:

    3 – Moxie: Badass is your middle name, additionally to the Slugfest award (see below), kill the beast with the spear and never miss an opportunity to take all the risks.
    7 – Milktoast: Additionally to what was listed in my previous post, ask Scatty to be teleported on the ship at any sign of trouble or danger.
    8 – Slugfest: To boldly slug where no man has slugged before is your motto, first slug the Transputter panel, the beast’s dead body and Ramsey, then in the ruins, quip with the Gaylik and select the “Slug Gaylik”option.
    11 – Rash: It seems like not updating your captain’s log and/or not asking Spunk, Tagai and Scatty for info and/or disciplining your crew and/or slugging the transputter panel before trying to open it first will determine if you get the Rash award or not when you’ll shoot the statue.

    – The Many Death of Jack Hardin –
    Because deaths in Hard Space are some of the most hilarious moments in the game, here is a list of ways to kill Jack, Ensign Spears and the rest of your crew:

    Teleport on the planet when the transputter is not calibrated correctly.

    Shoot the statue before analyzing it.

    Order defensive fire during your arrestation in the town.

    Have Ensign Spears killed at the bridge and order defensive fire during your arrestation. (My favorite.)

    Get killed by the beast in the arena.

    Let Ensign Spears enters the ruins first.

    Fire your Sputta Stunner at the Gaylik.

    After you’ve told the Gaylik that you’re his worst nightmare, answer “Yes!” to his question.

    Let Laya enters the ruins first and fire your Sputta Stunner at the Gaylik when he’s ignoring you.

    During the final sequence, let the countdown reach 0.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that there are only two awards (aside from your final rank) that you can get from a SINGLE act. One is Pantsed which is a ‘gimme’ award, the other is Lothario which you CAN earn over time but you can also get it for one fairly obvious choice.

    The rest of them accumulate ‘unlock points’ based on your behavior, so while you may unlock Versatile at the temple that just means you’ve acquired the requisite ‘points’ to unlock it at that point in the game.

    Oh and I’ll give you #3 because I’m nice:

    MOXIE! Act the tough guy in all your conversations and viciously slay any foe in your path (in the most manly way possible, no stunners!) and you’ll earn it.

  3. – Additions for Hard and Full Blast difficulty levels –

    – Arena –
    On higher difficulty levels, you won’t be able to get your Sputta Stunner by talking with Depantroclus and you will need to improvise to kill the beast. First acquire the dirk, the codpiece and the stones. Then grab the pole, which is located in the middle of the arena. Use the stones with the codpiece to make a sling and throw the stones on the gongs with the sling. While the beast is stunned, quickly use the codpiece with the dirk, then use the codpiece with the pole, Jack will craft a spear which you can use to kill the beast. Be careful not to craft the spear before you’ve stunned the beast with the gongs, because you cannot break it apart afterward.

    – Temple –
    In the temple of the goddess, you must solve an additional combination puzzle when you finish the planet coloring puzzle. The puzzle consist of putting 5 pictograms in the right order. The pictograms consist of:
    A circle on an arc (planet)
    A triangle with 3 lines (comet)
    Three characters (people)
    Two characters with a circle in the middle (machine)
    Several circles orbiting a single circle (orbit)

    Once again, the clue to this puzzle is in the Spunk’s translation of the writing next to the puzzle. The correct order for this puzzle is:
    Planet, People, Comet, Machine, Orbit

    – Awards & Demerits –
    Several Awards and Demerits, cannot be acquired by accomplishing a specific action but rather by doing a certain number of similar actions over the course of the entire game. Here is a list of the Awards and Demerits in Hard Space, the list is incomplete, if you know how to get the missing awards, or if you know more actions that can be done to acquire some of the awards and demerits listed below, let us know.

    1 – Versatile: Awarded for solving the second temple puzzle on Hard or Full Blast difficulty level.
    2 – Amicable: Try being nice to Laya, at the end of the game, let her be the first to enter the ruins, let her make the final decision, tell her about your feelings and kiss her.
    3 – ???
    4 – Pantsed: Awarded when you retrieve your pants in the arena.
    5 – Tactician: Win the verbal joust with Depantroclus in the Arena, use your tact and logic to shutdown the Gaylik, also tell Laya the truth at the end of the game. (Not sure for the last one)
    6 – Rank A-B-C / Screw Up: Awarded when you finish the game. Change depending on the ending you get.

    7 – Milktoast: Surrender to Depantroclus, tell Ensign Spears to enter the ruins first and just act like a coward for the whole game.
    8 – ???
    9 – Jack+Ass: Discipline Tagai for discussing your orders and watching movies, discipline Scatty for playing StarTris, for his hat and his weight, when you’re done with the villager, let him die a long, slow and painful death and just be a jerk for the rest of the game.
    10 – Secursity: Awarded for killing Ensign Spears.
    11 – Rash: At the bridge, shoot the statue without looking nor analyzing it. (You might need to mess around with your wristcom before it appears.)
    12 – Lothario: Think with your dick instead of your head, tell Scatty you want that android repaired, compliment Laya and lie to her at the end of the game.

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