Chapter 1:

Walk to the right and open the door. In the next room talk to the picture with Yogi. He wants a picknick basket with goodies. Use the door in the back to go to the bathroom. Use the cabinet with mirror above the sink to take the soap on a rope but the rope will break so you’ll only get the ROPE.

Walk back to the south and use the door on the left to go back to the living room. In the cabinet under the lamp you can find a PICKNICK-IN-A-BOX. Use the door in the back to go to the kitchen. There’s the picknick basket. But you need to fill it first. Take the FROZEN YOGURT from the top part of the fridge and take the NACHOS from the top drawer under the basket. Use the rope on the basket to be able to carry it. Put the picknick-in-a-box in the basket first, then the yoghurt and the nachos. Pick up the BASKET.

Walk to the south to leave the kitchen and use the door on the right to visit Yogi again. Give the basket to Yogi and he’ll be freed from the picture. Use the door on the left again and then the door in the back to return to the kitchen. Pick up the KEY that was lying under the basket. Leave the kitchen and use the door on the right again. You’ll trip and loose the key. Talk to the vent to hear who’s on the other side.


Chapter 2:

Since the stairs collapsed you can’t go back. Take the BROOM and use the door on the right. Go throught the door next to the vent and look at the bookshelves. The hatch is to high. Walk back to the south to return to the vent and hear how Fred talks to you. So that’s the key. Use the key on the door on the right to enter the bedroom.

Use the dresser in the middle of the room to get a PLUNGER.  Use the door on the right to get into the bathroom. The toilet is clogged. Use the plunger on the toilet to … get sucked in.

Use the box against the door to be able to use the door. Use the door to go into a very dark room.

Chapter 3:

Since Astro isn’t strong enough to take the bricks out, switch characters to Fred and use the bricks on the wall to make a hole. Switch again to let Astro get the ROPE. Use the rope on the door and you’re both in the room with the bookshelves again. Switch to Fred and you can solve the book puzzle. Click the right order, or colour: red on the left, orange on the right, yellow in the middle. Green on the right, blue on the left, purple below the green, and purple left of the orange. The hatch in the ceiling will now open. There you will meet the ghost.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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