Playing as Bette:

You heard a strange noise.

Use the stairs on the lower right to find Uncle Hans. Look at the smashed vase on the floor to realize there must have been someone else in the house. Use the door on the north to enter the kitchen and see a huge lion walking around. A good thing it’s a friendly lion. Go south again to leave the kitchen and use the door on the lower right to leave the house.

Enter the house on the right side of the street and talk to Goncourt, the mighty hunter about the lion. You must sign a contract and the hunter will take care of the lion. Use the door on the left to see a cage and a bag with catfood next to it. Take the CATFOOD and leave the room again. Leave the house through the door on the north side and enter your own house on the left side.


Go north to the kitchen and you’ll prevent  Goncourt from killing the lion. He’ll then leave. Use the fridge to get a CROISSANT from it and give the bread to the lion. He’ll now follow you. Walk south out of the kitchen and leave the house on the lower right. Cross the street to the house on the right and inside use the door on the left to enter the room with the cage. Put a croissant in the cage and the lion will be caught.

Then Goncourt will reveal the true nature of the papers you signed. But the lion will come to your rescue and takes you away from the evil hunter.

Playing as Goncourt:

Select the map on the console and go to Bette’s house. Use the chest next to the doll house to find a small BETTE DOLL inside. Leave the house again and use the console with the map to go to jungle on the lower right. Talk to the Birdlord and you can  get an Ochong Doll if you can provide a statuette of Bette. Give the Bette doll to the Birdlord and you’ll receive the OCHONG DOLL in return.

Use the ladder to leave the jungle and on the console select the desert palace on the map. Talk to the Desert King to try to find Bette and then use the doll on the rug that contains a star map. It will reveal the location of Bette.

Playing as Bette:

On the moon you’re about to marry Goncourt. All you need to do is place the ring on his finger. Take the ring from your inventory and give it to … the lion.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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