You’re a day out at the beach so enjoy it! Right next to you is an old UMBRELLA. Take it and walk to the north. Two guys are playing ball and listening to the ghettoblaster. Talk to them. Start with the black guy but there’s not much sense. Then try the white guy.

He doesn’t like the fact that you’re there and wants to battle. So he starts. Just play dumb and ask them to step aside. They still feel it’s their beach. Don’t admit it’s their beach and if they want a challenge, suggest the decathlon. They don’t know what you’re talking about so suggest a race around the world between USA and Japan. The guy accept and take off already. The beach is yours.

Walk to the right and find a beauty sunbathing. The LOTION is next to her so take it and talk to the girl. She doesn’t want you around, besides, you’re blocking her sun. Walk further to the right. You can’t go any further because of the rocks. On the rocks is a SHOE. Pick it up and notice that the rock there is a bit loose. Touch the rocks there (between the dark and lighter rock) until a cave becomes visible. Look at the cave and find that it’s a bit too narrow to fit through. Use the lotion on the edges of the cave and try again. You finally squeeze through.

Meet Genbu. Talk to Genbu to find out he sunbathes every 3000 years and this year the sun is a bit bright for his third eye. So he wants some protection for it. In return he’ll make you popular with the girls. That’s a challenge we’ll have to accept of course. Leave the turtoise through the cave.


Walk all the way to the left until you’re at the point you started. Walk to the right to go to the DcMonalds.  Open the door and talk to your friend behind the counter. Try to get some food but he’s not the giving type. You’ll have to pay for it. And that’s something you don’t have.

Look in your pockets. Only an umbrella, lotion and a shoe. Look at the shoe. Hey!. Inside the shoe is a wallet. And the wallet contains money. Give money to your friend and receive a FISH BURGER. A bit greasy but hey, it’s fastfood. Use the burger on the umrella and discover the transparency of it.

Leave the store and walk to the left, back to the beach. Walk on the beach all the way to the right until you’re at the cave again. Use it to go to the other side.

Give the umbrella to the turtoise and the animal is happy. After reminding him, you’ll get you irresistable touch. You’ll leave the turtoise and start combing the beaches. Girls are indeed attracted. The turtoise is also happy he doesn’t have to wait another 3000 years.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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