Drive to Al’s diner on the upper left of the map.

After accepting to work for Al, he’ll give you some CHIT to get the starter kit. Drive to Joe’s garage, just below Al’s diner. Walk towards Joe to talk to him and receive your starter kit: a COLT, a BASEBALL BAT, a KNUCKLE DUSTER and a MOLOTOV COCKTAIL. Once back in your car, drive back to Al’s diner.

Your first assignment is to get the recipe from Luigi’s Pizza. In your car, drive all the way to the left to reach Luigi’s. Search under the flowerpots, the one on the right to find the KEY. Use the key on the back door to enter the kitchen. You can search all cabinets but there’s no recipe. Open the cabinet on the left above the oven to find a SLEEPING PILL. Use the fridge on the right and search in the center until you find a STEAK. In your inventory use the sleeping tablet with the steak and use the steak on the door on the left to throw it to the dog.

When you peek inside, you can see something on the collar of the dog. Take the piece of paper to see it’s the RECIPE and you’ll return to Al. He pays you $500. The next morning you have to get the tiara from Mrs. Malinsky but first you need to pick up the fireworks from Tony’s.

Drive all the way south to the right and cross the bridge. On the other map, drive to Tony’s bar on the upper left part of the map. Frank will give you the GELIGNITE and a short FUSE then you’ll head over to Mrs. Malinsky’s place. Drive the car to the red residential place on the map.

Miggs and Muggs are patrolling the house. Watch their pattern and as soon as the short one is near the bush that you’re in, hit him with the baseball bat. After searching him you got a KNIFE. Do the same with the big guy when he passes the bush and after searching him you get a CATAPULT. Use the door of the house to go inside.

Walk up the stairs past the door of the bedroom to enter the room. Use the drawers on the dressing table to take a HAIRPIN. Use the hairpin on the chest in front of the bed to pick the lock. Out of the chest come a MACHINE GUN. Use the corner of the room on the right of the wardrobe to push the wardrobe aside and find the safe behind it. Take the gelignite from your inventory and use it on the safe.

Put the fuse in the gelignite to blow a hole in the safe and take the TIARA out. Back at Al in Tony’s bar he hands you $3000.  Your next mission is to burn the warehouse. On the map drive south and to Al’s warehouse.  Walk through the boxes by clicking on them. [NOTE: I got through by using brute force and persistence. I haven’t found a pattern yet. As soon as I do, I’ll update this section.] Once on the other side, push the barrel to tip it over and use the molotov cocktail on it to set it on fire.

Walk south through the crates to get outside and in your car drive north to return to Al. He’ll reward you with $4000.  Then you’re off to home. The next day, drive to the nightclub below Al’s warehouse. This time Al wants you to get the wagon home without being hijacked. When you’re cornered, you can only shoot your way out. Use your colt 45 to shoot the hijackers as soon as you’ve got a chance.

Once they’re all down, walk over to them to get into your car and drive back to Johnny and Al. You receive another $3000 and the next assignment. You’ll get to the scene and get into the boat. Drive to to the right until you find the Lost Lobo’s Hotel. Go inside and talk to the lady behind the reception desk to find Al. He’ll tell you who to see next to solve the disappearance of the singer.

After the conversation you get into the boat again and sail to the left. Alfonzo’s bar is at the lower left after the railway track. In the bar no one seems to be interested in your conversation. Take the beer on the left side of the bar to move it and spread the people a bit and talk to Loose Lips.

When hew wants something in return, offer him money and he’ll talk. He refers you to Johnny the Bull who knows more. Inside the warehouse, you need to find a way to make Johnny talk. Take the FEATHER from the floor and use it on Johnny. He’ll talk and you need to go to the docks.

Again a shootout. Use your colt or machine gun on the guys behind the boxes on the left to eliminate them. Once you got rid of them, you’ll walk to the ship where Diva Maria is held. Use the ladder to climb aboard and find the two goons saw knocked out earlier guarding Diva. Use your knife on the electricity cable next to you to switch off the light and you’ll free Diva. Al rewards you big time this time with $100.000.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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