You’re having a dream again.

In your dream, use the entrance of the tomb on the right. There’s a tomb on the left with bones sticking out. Use the coffin to reach inside and you find a POEM. After having read the poem, you wake up and go outside.

Walk to the right to find a man standing in the street. Talk to the man to find out he’s the homing pigeon man. Ask him about the pigeon business and learn about the other villages the man sometimes visits. In your inventory is a note and when you look at it, you can see an address on it. But you have no idea what it means. Give the note to the pigeon man and ask him about the address.

He remembers the forest near the insitute and when he talks about it, you start to remember things. Thank him and he’ll give you a recent weekly NEWSPAPER. Look at the newspaper in your inventory to read the article about newborns. Or actually the lack of it in the last 60 years.  Walk to the north to see the graveyard. The door of the tomb on the right is closed now, not as in your dream. There’s ivy growing on the side of the tomb and when you use it you can climb through the missing roof of the tomb.


Use the coffin on the left, just as in your dream to find the POEM again. This time there are two stones next to the coffin. Push the stones to find a MAP underneath. Go south again to leave the tomb. Use the map to see that there’s a path to the left leading to the forest. Walk to the left to travel there.

After several hours of walking, you reach the forest. There’s a boy standing. Talk to the boy and ask what he’s doing there at this time. He doesn’t trust anyone so isn’t answering you. Walk to the north and he’ll stop you, warning that there’s a hunting trap in the dark. You’ll need some light to continue your path. The boy might have one. Talk to the boy and ask if he has a flashlight. Again he doesn’t trust you and wants to know the number that the local people gave the firestorm. So now you need to come up with a number…

The only thing you are carrying related to the firestorm is the poem. Look at it and read very carefully between the lines:

Die großen Häuser verfallen dem Glühen, wechseln vom Rot ins Schwarz.
Gigantische Gebilde von einst sind auf einen Slag verschwunden – die Erde hat sie zu zich gerufen.
Traumhaft gefertigte Gärten verlieren an Beachtung.
Im Mittelpunkt steht nun das Feuer. Meine Ehrfuhr wächst, ich sehe die Welt sterben.
Niemand Weiß zich zu helfen.

So there’s your code. Talk to the boy and tell him you have the code. Give him 118111 and he’ll explain more: he doesn’t have a flashlight, there’s no trap and he’s not afraid of the dark. Talk to the boy again and ask about his parent, the address you’re looking for and the article in the newspaper. Walk to the north to proceed and you’ll reach a bridge.

Try to cross the bridge and the police will stop you. Crossing the bridge is wearing the bridge out and the maintenance need to be paid. So only if you pay 500 Euro you can cross. So you decide to pay. But you still can’t cross when the bridge isn’t stable enough to the liking of the police. So you need to get rid of that man.

Give him the newspaper and ask if he’s interested. He’s not, he’d like a sports magazine. Walk to the south and talk to the boy again. Ask him for a sports magazine and the boy has only the rare racing magazine. Give money to the boy and for 100 EUR you but the SPORTS MAGAZINE. Walk to the north again and give the sports magazine to the police officer.

He’s interested but he can’t let you pass. Only if the green addition is in the magazine. You don’t have a green addition. Walk to the south and ask the boy about the green extra paper that should be in it. He lost it several years ago. Walk to the north again. You need to make your own addition. Use the newspaper on the green leaves covering the sign to make the paper green. Use the green paper with the sports magazine to give it a green ‘addition’. Give the sports magazine with extra paper to the police officer. You can now cross.

Walk north across the bridge and you’ll be scared by an owl. You can’t do much with the tree.  Walk further north into the woods and find a homeless man under the tree. He’s asleep. Take the feather in front of him and he’ll wake up. It’s indicating the grave of his friend. Tell the man that you’re looking for a place to sleep. He’ll tell you about the cave but it’s overgrown with leaves and an owl has stolen his pocket knife.

Ask the man about the institute and he’ll tell you about the ghosts living there. Let the man sleep again and walk to the south twice to return to the bridge. The police officer is now in his booth sleeping after reading the magazine. Use the man to search his pockets and find the FLASHLIGHT.  Walk north and use the flashlight on the hole in the tree to scare the owl out. Walk south to return to the tree and use the magnet again, this time without the owl. Out comes the POCKETKNIFE.

Walk north and use the pocketknife on the leaves blocking the cave. Walk north into the cave and it’s dark there. Push the flashlight and you can see some gravestones in the wall. You’ll fall asleep and have another dream. It’s Dr. Wegener with a riddle. You need to push three stones in the right order: the bottom right of Joseph Waldmann, the bottom left of Theodor Elfenstein and the top right one of Sarah Georgen. The doctor leaves and you fall asleep again.

The next day you travel to the entrance of a building. Look around. Next to the door is a bush with berries. Do not touch them, they are poisenous. The double door is not locked but also won’t open. Use the pocketknife in the middle between the doors to find a sticky substance that held them together. With your knife you can open the door. Walk north into the building.

Inside you remember something about a door on the left and since this is the only one, use the door. It’s locked with the key inside. The trick with the paper under the door doesn’t work because there’s not enough space under the door. Look at the plant under the picture to find a VIAL behind it. Walk to the south to leave the building and look at the bush witj berries again. Use the vial on the bush to put the vial under it. Use the pocket knife on one of the berries to drop the into the vial. You now have a very strong ACID.

Leave the bush and walk into the building again. Use the acid on the door on the left and you will free the way. Walk to the left to find a huge mess. Not much to work with. Looking at the door to the toilets, you know that someone is hinding inside. Use the door to the toilet to start a conversation with whoever is behind the door.

Tell him you’re not a criminal.Tell him you don’t have bad intentions. Tell him you have a high opinion of his experiences. Ask him what it is that has no use. You decide to enter the bathroom and you’re being knocked unconcious. When you wake up again that what was in the bathroom is now gone.

Leave the room on the north and use the steps on the left in the hallway to find the person again. Talk to him in the dark and learn why he’s hiding. After a conversation the person decides to reveal himself. Then you’ll step into the light to have a good look.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. There is a little mistake: You can`t notice the owl in the treehole and use the magnet with it BEFORE talking to the homeless(!).

    But all in all good work! 🙂

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