You want to rescue the featherweight that was captured.

Just behind Callaghan is a backpack. Use it to take the WRENCH out. Walk through the door on the right. There’s a crashed vehicle. An axle is sticking out. Use the wrench on the axle to loosen it, then pick up the AXLE. Use the tire on the right to take the inner TUBE out. At the bottom of the screen, on the left is a damaged shockprod. Use it to take the CARTRIDGE out. Now you need to get past the forcefield.

On the lamp pole is a device you can’t reach. In your inventory use the tube with the axle to isolate the handle. Use the axle on the control box on the pole and the forcefield will be shut down. A WIRE drops on the ground. The alarm will go off so you have to be very quick. Use the vehicle to hide behind it.

In case you got caught and thrown in jail:


Use the axle with tube on the keypad outside your cell. There are only two buttons. In the right order the forcefield is shut down and you can leave. Use the top and bottom. Wait for the light to go out before pushing the next button: top and top and wait again till the light goes out. Then push the bottom one and you can leave.

Walk to the right to see a sentry looking around from a tower. When he looks to the right, quickly walk to the rubble next to the tower. On top of the rubble is a RAG and when the sentry is looking to the left again, use the rag on the sheet of tin. It won’t make noise when you walk further to the right when the sentry is looking to the left.

When you’ve managed to pass the forcefield, you’ll see a sentry hanging upside down. On the left of him is a machine with five pipes on it. Use the buttons on the machine to set the sliders on the pipes at the right height and the sentry will come down. Number the pipes from left to right, from 1 to 5. Number the positions on the pipes from top to bottom, from 1 to 5.  Then set pipe 1 to position 3, pipe 2 to position 1,  pipe 3 to position 4, pipe 4 to position 5 and pipe 5 to position 2. The sentry is now lowered.

Search the sentry to get his KEYCARD. Walk further to the right to reach the door to the place they are holding the featherweight. On the pole is a box. Use the keycard on the box to switch on the power. Left of the door is a control panel with three buttons. Use the panel and look at the blue lights half way the wire. When the top one is lit, look at the sign on the pole and check which part of the triangle is missing. Use the top button to set the symbol next to the door to the missing one. Repeat for the middle and the bottom wire. For the top button it’s the left side of the baseline. For the middle button it’s the upper part of the right side and for the bottom button it’s the lower part of the left side of the triangle.

Once completed the door will open and you can walk further to the right. Again a sentry on a tower. When he’s looking to the right, walk to the crates below the tower. On top of the crates is  a shaped CHARGE. Take it and use the backpack to the right of the crates to get a POCKET WATCH and a SCOPE out. When the sentry is looking to the right, walk to the left back to the barrel.

Walk through the door on the left and look at the bar in the debris. You could use the bar but you can’t take it out. In your inventory use the wire with the cartridge. Use the pocket watch with the wired cartridge and you have a detonator. Use the detonator with the charge to create a time bomb. Use the bomb with the debris and … the bar is still stuck. Use the axle on the bar to hit it out. Pick up the BAR and walk to the left, back to the sentry on the rope.

To the right of the crane is a box. Use the bar on the box to open it and use the box again to take the BULLET out. Walk to the right twice to return to the sentry on the tower. When the sentry is looking to the right, walk to the crates under the tower. When the guard is looking to the right, use the bullet on the barrel on the left to distract the sentry and when he’s investigating the noise, walk to the right to find the captured featherweight.

She’s being held by a forcefield that has two locks. You need to align the wheels and then you need to enter the right key by moving the beam of light. Use the controls left and right of the wheels to rotate them. They all should point to the control on the right. The light stand is now activated but now you need to direct the light beam  to the device behind the wheels. Use the scope on the beam of lights and you can enter the right key. Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise in the right order to see the lights on the machine. Start at the upper right panel and one light will be on. From there: three times counterclockwise, twice clockwise and four times counterclockwise again. The forcefield is taken down. But then you’re spotted by a sentry…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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