You have to help the angel. She mentioned the cave so let’s go there first.

Walk to the left to get to the map. On the map walk to the mountains in the north and go the one on the right. You’ll see a door with a symbol on it. That’s what the angel said. Walk to the left and on the map go to the mountain on the left.

Look at the first rock. There’s a disk under it. Pick up the DISC. On the right side is something. Look at it and then interact with it. A stone wheel with symbols on it. Interact with it (3 times) until the door with the symbol opens. Leave this part of the mountain and walk to the left. On the map go to the mountainside on the right. Walk to the door and go inside.

Use the door. It doesn’t work. Use the panel. No reaction either. Look at the panel. Ah! Some loose screws. Use the knife with the panel to take the cover off. Look at the panel again. There’s a card inside. But you don’t want to get electrocuted so you won’t take it out. Maybe the robot can help.


Talk to Lou. He’s off. Use the disc on Lou. The disc is to dirty. Use the disc on yourself in a try to clean it. But you don’t want to get dirty. Use the knife on yourself to take a piece of CLOTH from your shirt. Use the cloth on the disc and it’s clean now. Use the disc on Lou and he’s ready to talk.

Ask Lou if he can fix the door. Lou’ll fix it and the door opens. Walk to the right and look at the panel again. This time there’s a hand scanner above it. Use the handscanner but nothing happens. Walk to the left and enter the door. There’s a dead man lying over a table. Look at everything on the table. Use your knife on his hand to take the HAND. Use the door again to go back to the hall.

Use the hand on the handscanner. Again nothing happens. Look at the panel below. Again loose screws. Use the knife on the panel to open it. Look at the panel again and there’s another card inside. Talk to Lou again and ask him to fix the scanner. Some magic from Lou and the scanner is fixed. Use the hand on the scanner and the door will open. Enter the room. Ooops.

On the pedestal in the center are a necklace and a life crystal. Pick up the NECKLACE. Look at the crystal and then pick up the CRYSTAL. Leave the room again and walk all the way to the left. Walk to the left again to go outside and walk to the right to go back to the map.

Walk to the center of the map where the angels is between the stones. Give the necklace to the angel and give the stone to the angel. She’ll come to live and will go to heaven.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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