After finding the note, you’re not safe anymore so you need help.

Arthur sends you to the Gunner. Walk all the way to the right where the Iron Horse is. Next to the saloon is a bush and on the ground are some rotten berries. Take the ROTTEN FRUIT from the ground and enter the Iron Horse. Use the stool on the right side of the bar and ask the barman for a Sunday Special. He can’t give you one so order a beer. Take the BEER from the robot and take the EMPTY GLASS from the bar.

In your inventory put the rotten fruit in the beer and talk to the bartender again. Complain about the beer and he’ll get his colleague. Ask the bald man for a Sunday Special and he’ll get it for you. While you’re drinking, you get a NOTE from him. Leave the bar on the south.

Look at the note in your inventory. You need to give it to Bell. Walk to the left and enter Bell’s  GlassWare. Talk to the lady behind the counter and tell her about the note. She’ll tell you about Gunner and the key you must find in the furnace room. Use the door in the back to enter the furnace room and take the cover from the furnace.


Look into the oven to find the key against the back wall. You need to get it out there. Take the BLOWPIPE standing against the wall and in your inventory attach the empty glass to the blowpipe. Use the combination on the furnace to get the hot key in glass out. Now it needs to cool off.

Use the door on the right to leave the room. On the counter is a CHISEL. Take it with you and leave the shop on the south. Go back to the Iron Horse on the right. On the tap is a HAMMER. Pick it up and use the stool on the right. Talk to the bartender and order a glass of water.  Take the WATER from the automated waiter and in your inventory use the handkerchief in the glass of water to make it wet. Combine the hammer and the chisel as tool.

Leave the bar on the south and return to Bell’s Glassware on the left. Enter the shop and use the door in the back to go to the furnace room. Use the wet handkerchief on the molten glass to cool it and use the tools from your inventory to break the glass and get the KEY. Use the door on the right to leave the room and walk to the south to leave the shop. Go to the big brown tower on the right, next to the bar. Use the key on the door to unlock it and enter the building.

Climb the stairs twice and take the WINDING KEY from the mechanism. Use the door to look outside and  meet the Gunner. When one of the gunmen shows up, he’ll take you to a safe place. Talk some more to the Gunner to learn more about the inventor and his work. Ask about the plan he has and he’ll tell you to lock yourself in, like Tobias. But then you need to get the door open first.

On the shelf on the right is a BOOK. Take it and read it in your inventory to learn more about the robots. You can repair the strong one next to the door. On the shelf is also a MECHANISM. Pick it up and leave the room on the south. Walk to the right and enter the tower again. Climb the two stairs and go outside through the door. On the platform on the right is a TOOL SET. Pick it up and use the door to return to the staircase.

Go down the stairs and walk south to leave the tower. Enter the Copper & Clockwork building again. Use the tool set on the mechanism in your inventory to take the larger GEARS out. Use the dagger with your watch to get the smaller GEARS. Use all the gears with the android standing against the back wall. Set the robot in action with the winding key.

The bar is removed and the door opened. Use the door to find Tobias downstairs. Talk to him and he’ll tell more about his inventions. Then there’s a noise. Walk through the door and find the blood stains on the floor. Follow the steps south out of the building and to the right into the tower. Follow the steps up the stairs and when you want to ise the door it’s jammed. Use the hammer and chisel on the door twice and then open the door to the platform. There’s the second assassin.

Solomon is in danger and the assassin doesn’t seem to notice you. Take the dagger from your inventory and kill the assassin.  If you do nothing or if you’re not quick enough you will also survive but Solomon will be killed.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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