You’re lost in the forest. We need to get out.

The tree:

Go to the left. There’s an open space with a Tree Thing. Is has something like a face. Talk to the Tree Thing. It’s thirsty and you offer to find some water for the tree. Walk back to where you started. From there walk further to the right to a clearing. Near the log is a BRANCH. Pick it up (1/1). Walk further to the right, till you’re at a lake. On the north is a big treetrunk that has a hole in it. Use the branch to get the BUCKET out of the hole (1/2). Use the bucket on the upper part of the lake and you’ll have a bucket with WATER in it (1/3). To the right of the lower part of the lake are some WHITE FLOWERS. Pick the one with the green stem (1/4). Walk all the way to the left again, untill you’re at the Tree Thing. Give the bucket with water to the tree and you’ll get a KEY (2/6) in return. The tree also tells you about the crow and the wizard. Talk to the tree some more and it’ll tell you about Hector in the swamp and the evil Sedus.

The swamp:


Walk to the south until you reach the swamp.There’s Hector. Talk to Hector. Learn where you might find the wizard and how to protect yourself. Ask the crow how it knows so much (1/7) and how to get out of the forest. Walk to the right. The swamp is here even bigger and murkier. From this point walk to the north over the forest path until you see a round door on your right. Use the key you got from the tree (1/8). Enter through the door and you’re in some kind of laboratory.

The laboratory:

The lab hasn’t been used in quite a while. On the bookshelve is a LANTERN. Take it (1/9). When you take a close look at the book on the stand in the middle of the room. It has a recipe in it with a red and white flower and a blue mushroom. You can see a FLUTE in between. Take it (1/10). Leave the lab and go back to the forest.

The Wizard:

Go south and on the forest path go to the right. Keep walking (past the lake and past the rocky parts) until you can see a bridge. Cross the bridge. You’ll meet the evil Sedus. Talk to him and stay polite until you’d like to have a battle of Wits with him (1/11). He’ll destroy the bridge but that will reveal the BLUE MUSHROOM. Pick it up (1/12).

The cave:

Walk to the south and to the left. Across the lake is the entrance of a cave. The water isn’t deep so you can walk to the entrance of the cave. It’s very dark so it’s a good thing you took the lantern. There are bones on the floor. Walk a bit further until you meet a lion that’s about to attack you. Take out the flute and play a bit so the lion calms down and falls asleep (5/17). You can now explore the cave in your own pace. Just after the entrance, below a pile of skulls is an ARM BONE. Pick it up (1/18). Talk to the pile of skulls (1/19). Walk to the upper left corner of the cave. There’s a yellow lever. Pull the lever. At first sight is looks like nothing’s happened but there was a noise coming from the left. Walk that direction. You can see a big gate that’s closed. Seems like the lever is opening the gate and seems to stay down in one way to keep the gate open. Use the arm bone on the lever to keep it down (2/21). Walk back to the left and see the gate is gone. Walk through and find another lever. Pull it down (1/22). This one stays down but it looks like nothing happened.

Walk further into the cave. At the height of where you entered the screen you can see a pair of SHEARS on the left. Pick them up (1/23). A bit ahead are crystals. They are glowing and you can’t just pick them up. Use the branch from your backpack to pry them loose. Take the CRYSTAL with you (2/25).

Go back the way you came (south, south, right, south, south south) You’re in front of the cave. Go back to the spot where you started (left, north, left). You’re in a field with red roses. In the shade, a bit to the left of the tree is a BIG ROSE. Use the shears to cut it and take it with you (1/26).

The lab:

Since you’ve got the ingrdients for your potion, it’s time to go back to the lab and stir some things. Go south and use the door to enter the laboratorium. Look at the pestle and morter on the right of the table. Look at the book to read the recipe again. Put the white flower in the morter. Put the red flower in the morter and put the blue mushroom in the morter. Use the pestle now to mix the ingredients (2/28). Take the PREPARED INGREDIENTS and put them in the flask on the left 1/29). You have a potion now but something needs to be done yet. Look at the table. There are pieces of paper. Take a look at them. Pick them up. You need to make one readable text again.

The paper:

Just move the pieces. The top row should read: Ash, Klaatu verrata. The second line reads: Indi, Orichalcum. The third line reads: Hiker, Breeblebrox. The fourth line should read Ripley, LV 426. (3/32) Leave the paper. Talk to yourself to say the magic words (2/34). Take the FULL FLASK from the table (1/35) and leave the lab. Go back to the cave.

Walk south, right and right again and enter the cave. Go into the big cavern and inside, go right. It’s hot here because of the lava. You can cross the stream because there are stepping stones (remember the lever when you thought nothing happened?). Walk on them to cross. Walk north to the very bright cave. You can go several ways now. First take the east passage. You’re in front of a wall with candles. Walk to the right until you see a ladder. Where you entered the screen is a small hole in front of you. You can see a sparkle. Grab the sparkle to find a MIRROR (1/36).

Walk back to the bright lit cave and take the north passage from here. You find several statues. Walk further to the left until you see a woman. When you walk towards the woman, she starts to talk to you. Talk to the lady and step closer to her. It’s Medusa. Everyone who sees medusa, will turn to stone. You start changing already. When you have to act fast, use the flask from your baclpack and use it on yourself. This way Medusa doesn’t have any influence anymore (5/41).

Take the mirror from your backpack and use it on Medusa, telling her you have a present. She’ll turn to stone herself (5/46). You can now explore the cave. On the wall, a bit to the left of Medusa is a strange, green part. It’s a bit rubbery. Use the crystal from your backpack on the wall and it will become transparent (3/49). Walk throught the opening you’ve just created.

The Wizard:

Meet the wizard. He’s up to no good and you must stop him. Carefully walk towards him so he doesn’t notice you. Stay in the shadow. He spotted you anyway. Talk to the wizard. It doesn’t matter what you say, he’ll throw the lightning at you anyway. The crystal will protect you for a moment but not for much longer. Since he can’t defeat you with his magic, he sends the lion, Sid, to you. When you get an escape option, choose to throw the crystal into the vat. The vat explodes, killing the wizard and his lion (10/59).

Leave the cave. You’ll hear a noise and the wall starts to talk. Talk to Rock Face. You’ll learn why you are the chosen one and why you are here. Ask him the way back home. When the face dissappears, talk to it again and ask to turn the stone tatues to real people again (5/64).

The tree:

Leave the cave (south, right, south, south, left, south, south) and you’re at the lake again. Walk left, left, north, north and left again and you’re back at Tree Thing. Hector is here as well. Talk to Hector. Then talk to the tree. Ask him if he enjoyed the water and offer to get some more (1/65) ….

Back home:

Go back to the cave again ( south, right, right, right) and enter it. Go to the Dark Cavern. Go right, north over the stepping stones and in the bright cave go into the east passage. Keep walking until you’re at the ladder. Use the ladder to climb it. You get out of a tree stump and into an open spot in the woods. Go south and then right. You’re in a beautiful garden. Keep walking to the right until you’re out of Evergreen Forest. Use the path to go to the green arch.

Meet Indiana Jones. Talk to him. You saw that guy in the cave! Tell Indiana how to get to the cave, past the roses, to the open spot, into the treestump. Follow Indiana to the Evergreen Forest.

Indiana Jones:

Walk to the left past the roses, to the north to the open spot and into the tree. Go to the left until the floor collapses. That was close. But you didn’t fell in. Use the whip from your inventory on the wooden beam above you to swing over the gap. Walk further to the bright lit cave and go to the north passage. When you walk in the drak cave, suddenly you see a small object shining in the dark. Pick it up. It’s a BULLET. You put it in your gun.

Walk further to the left and north through the translucent wall to the room of the wizard. You see ghost face here as well. Talk to the ghost and ask for the dagger. When the ghost tries to attack, you’ll shoot him. He’ll fall into the hole. leaving the dagger behind. Pick up the DAGGER.

Walk through the arched green opening in the wall and turn to the right. You’re back in Silver Town.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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