You need to get out.

On the floor on the right is a ROPE. Take it. On the box next to it is a DRAWING. Take it too and look at it. Underneath was a piece of WOOD. Use the piece of wood on the pointy edge of the pipe at the left. The edges  will sharpen the piece of wood. Use the small piece on the door on the right and you’re out.

Outside you meet someone. Talk to the person about everything to learn where you are and what your options are. Then all of a sudden he’s gone. On the right are the remains of a bicycle. Take the DYNAMO and go up the stairs.Use the rug to find a KEY under it. Use the key on the door in the middle.

On the table is a blank piece of PAPER. Take it. On the floor is a piece of WOOD. Use the door on the left again to leave the room and use the piece of wood you just found on the door on the right. It’s the library. On the floor is a BOOK. It’s a recipe book. Look at it and one SHEET will fall out. It’s a description of Walnut Stain and you can read how to make ink.


In the bookcase on the left on the bottom shelf is a grey BOOK that you can take. You can see a painting and instructions in it. Use the door on the left to leave again. Walk to the left to the hall and meet a giant. Talk to him about everything. You need what you can learn from him later on. If you ask him for help, he’ll agree if you get his light in the basement first. On the steps is a wooden BAR. Take it and walk to the right and go down the stairs.

In the basement go left to the junk room and talk to the man that disappeared earlier. Tell him you’re looking for a lighter and you can have it after answering a few questions. Tell him that the man upstairs see the others as defectors (4), that nature is always chaotic (3) and that the human being naturally bad is (2). You can now have the LIGHTER.

Use the door on the right and walk up the stairs. Walk to the left to the hall and give the lighter to the giant. In return you get information and a jar of ARABIC GUM. Walk up the stairs and enter the door on the right: the toilet. Under the sink in the cabinet you can find a bottle of COLOGNE. Use the bar to remove the panel above the toilet and create a hole. Look at the hole to see better and use the rope on the ring. Then use the rope to climb down.

At the bottom is a toolbox you can use and inside is an AWL. Take it and use the rope to climb back up again. Use the second door from the right and look around. There’s a PROPELLOR on the bed and in the lower doors of the furniture you can find a CUP. Leave the room and use the door next to it on the left.

On top of the night table is a small BOX. Take it. Leave the room again and use the trapdoor to go downstairs again. Walk to the right and use the door in the middle. On the cabinet at the right is a picture frame. Looking at it you can see a double frame. Use the awl on the frame and you can take another DRAWING out.Leave the room and use the trapdoor to go downstairs.

Walk to the right and enter the door on the left: the kitchen.Walk to the left to enter the pantry. On the worktop is a bottle with LIQUID. On the floor are some RINGS. Walk to the right back to the kitchen. On the shelf is a teapot. Use your cup with it to take the WATER out.  On the worktop on the left is a bottle with VINEGAR and a bottle with WALNUT STAIN. Remember the recipe? Use the cup with water on the bowl on the table. Use the bottle with Walnut Stain on it and then the bottle with Arabic Gum. There’s your INK.

Leave the room and walk to the left. Go up the stairs and enter the room on the left. There’s a PEN on the table and a panel on the floor. In your inventory use the cologne with the vinegar. You  now have a SOLVENT. Use the solvent on the tile on the carpet and find a KEY under it. Use the key on the wooden box in your inventory. Inside is another DRAWING. Leave the room and go up the stairs on the left.

Use the pen in your inventory with the ink in your inventory and use the pen on the painting on the right to COPY it. Leave the attic and use the trapdoor. Walk to the right and use the door on the right to enter the library. There’s a laptop without power. Use the rings you found in the pantry on the dynamo. Then use the propellor on the dynamo. Use the enigine you created with the back of the laptop, then use the engine again to connect the laptop. Use the laptop to find some searched page. Click the green dot to open the page and learn more about the signs. Leave the library and walk to the left. Go up the stairs twice.

Under the left picture on the wall are three buttons. Push them in a specific order to hear a ‘click’. Push the middle one, then the right one followed by the left. Nothing else seems to happen. Push the painting above it and an opening will be revealed on the right. Use the opening to step through and meet another creature. Talk to the creature about everything and ask about the signs. Tell him they are Gebric signs and he’ll give you another DRAWING. Walk to the left and use the four pieces of drawing on the canvas in the middle.

Try the different pieces in different order because they only go in one order, so it’s a bit try and error to get them in. If they fit, you’ll teleport to another part of the building. Look at the fountain and see there’s a twig floating but in the wrong direction. Walk to the right and walk to the woods on the right. There’s a washtub with a bar of SOAP on it. Take it. Next to the washbasin is a pole with a STRING attached. Take it.

Walk further to the right and push the white button. The red light becomes green. Walk back to the left twice and go to the hut on the left. Use the switch there to turn the direction of the current. Use the door to leave the hut and look at the fountain again. You can now take the TWIG. Walk to the right and then to the south to the main gate. Next to the gate is a gas tank. Use the twig on the rim to open it and drop the bar of soap in the tank. Use the string with the tank as a fuse and wait for the big bang.

Talk to the peasant standing in front of the house. Ask for help and you’ll get it if you can catch the firefly. Use any of the plants in the back to take a LEAF. Use the leaf with the slug in front of the plants to take the SLUG. Put it on the tile on the right. The firefly will be attracted by the slug and you can use you net to catch the FIREFLY.

In the cabinet on the left you can find a FLOPPY DISK. Use the disk on the laptop on the right and watch the contents. A lot of folders which are all empty except for one: Engael. When you select it, you’ll see another empty folder, so no information. Click on Search File and an advanced search screen will pop up. As search criteria enter Engel and click on the file that is found. There you will read more that should make things more clear. Or… ?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. I found the vinegar but walnut stain is not next to it. I tried many times by restarting the game but I couldn’t find it

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