Talk to Cecco, he’ll advise you to visit the castle. Use the door to go to the castle streets.

Walk to the left and look at the ship. The pirate in front will talk to you. He asks you to view his ship. Tell him you want to go and when he asks you how much you charge tell him you misunderstood him. He’s upset now and feels rejected. It turns into a fight that… he looses. You get some of his golden COINS.

Walk to the right and talk to the guard in front of the castle. He won’t let you. Go back to the tavern and take the GLASS from the table. Walk to the barman and give him the glass. Give him the money and he’ll put some RUM in your glass. Leave the tavern and walk back to the right to the guard. Give him the rum.

Talk to the guard again and this time you may enter the castle. Look at the skeletons. Nice picture. From the one in the left prison take a BONE. Walk up the ramp and enter the door. This part of the castle hasn’t been used in quite some time. Use the door to the right of the barrel to go to another hall.


Look at the door on the left. There’s a panel but you can’t read what it says and you can’t clean it with your hands. But there are some objects in the castle you could use. Pick up the CHAIR and use the door on the right to go back. Use the chair on the TISSUE high on the left. Use the tissue on the barrel and you have a WET TISSUE. Use the door on the right again and use the wet tissue on the panel on the left door. It’s a storage room. But locked.

Use the bone on yourself. It’ll break. Use the bone on the door as a picklock. You’ll enter the storage room. There’s a lot stored here but most interesting is the chest in the center with dresses. Use the chest and put on a dress. It’ll remind you of your mother.

Talk to the captain about Neverland. Ask him why he wants to go to Neverland. He’s determined to go there. Talk to him about Peter but he can’t get it out of his head. When you tell him it’s a stupid idea he’ll ask you who you’ll stay loyal to. Every answer is a bad one.

When you wake up after a few days, take the glass with MEDICINE from the table. Use the medicine to empty the GLASS. Leave the room and walk all the way to the left to the captains hut. Don’t enter the hut but look through the window. The captain is talking to Smee. If only you could hear… Use the empty glass on the door of the hut.

When they are done talking you have to make sure they don’t see you. Walk to the mast and hide behind it.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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