When the game starts you can choose who should attack Dr. Zu: Manotaur or Queen Ethereal. You, Dr. Zu, have to defeat the hero from the Guild of Hero’s by letting them through three rooms with different weapons. The first are lasers, the second is a crusher, the third are three fighters.

Playing Queen Ethreal:

In the first room she can become invisible but isn’t prepared for the unexpected. So start with the lasers at random positions.

In the second room, she can see the crusher coming and will disappear, but she can’t expect any harm in covering the gears.


In the third room attack her with one guard at a time. She’ll be hit by the first and that’s enough to defeat her.

Playing Manotaur:

In the first room, Manotaur hasn’t eyes in the back of his head so start the lasers in reverse.

In the second room, Manotaur thinks he can stop the crusher if you slowly lower it, but his hand get stuck in the gears.

In the third room let the guards step aside. The Manotaur will pass, try to attack the Doctor and eventually change his mind.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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