You found the memory card in your pie and want to know what’s on it. Use the computer. Look at the USB slot left of the green power button to realise you need a converter. Leave the computer and look at the sofa. Use the sofa once to remember a lot fall in it. Use the sofa again to find money and cheese. The third time you use the sofa you’ll find a TOE NAIL and the fourth time you’ll find a PRINT SCREEN key of a keyboard.

Walk to the bottom right of the sofa and leave the house. On the map select the computer shop. Talk to the lady behind the desk and ask for a card reader. When she tells the price, agree and buy the CARD READER. Use the door to leave the shop and on the map select your own flat.

Use the computer again and use the card reader on the USB slot. Turn on the computer by pushing the green button and then use the memory card on the card reader. 3 pictures will be loaded: a church, a sign and a UFO. You can’t print because the print screen key is missing. Turn off the computer with the green button and then use the print screen key from your inventory on the keyboard. The computer turns on again and you’ll get 3 PICTURES.

Leave the computer and decide to go to the library to find out more. Walk to the south, right of the sofa and select the library on the map. Talk to Nicole behind the counter. Tell her about the photo’s and everything you’ve seen. She recognizes the symbol. You get a BOOK about churches.Use the door to leave the library and head to the flat on the map.


Once you’re home, use the pictures on the map to find the church. You can’t find it. Leave the room again and return to the library. Tell Nicole you can’t find the church and she’ll tell you about the symbol. You know the lodge and where to find it. Leave the library and select the lodge on the map.

In front of the lodge you find that the door is locked. Use the toe nail on the lock to enter. Inside use the cupboard to open it and use the drawers to look what’s in them. You find a Cliff Richard RECORD. Look at the books in the bookshelf to see what’s there. Nothing usefull. When you leave the house on the right, you hear voices. You hide in the closet and watch the meeting.

Talking to Nicole you get the address of the church and go there. Look at the graves, one is new. Use the door of the church to enter. Talk to the vicar and learn about Ray and the new grave outside. Show the photo’s to the vicar and he’ll recognise them and tell you about the conspiracy.

Walk to the left to leave the church and walk to the left again to leave the graveyard. Once home you want to tell Nicole what happened. Pick up the LETTER that has been delivered. Look at the letter and learn about the invitation. Walk to the south the leave your home and go to the library. Talk to Nicole and follow the instructions.

After the rendezvous in the park you’ll go to the police station. Talk to the officer behind the desk and tell him everthing. The police should take care of it.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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