You need to get your next assignment to get the teleporter fixed.

Take the SCYTHE from the wall and pick up the STYROFOAM HEAD from the desk. Use the scythe on the rope coming from the ceiling to enter the loft. On the floor is a RAZOR. Take it and from the cabinet on the far right take the PERFUME. Go back to the bedroom on the left and go down the stairs.

Talk to the monkey. He will give you the assignment if you give him some food.  Take some MONKEY FOOD from the left and give it to the monkey. He wants a banana. In your inventory use the razor on the styrofoam head to create a banana mold. Put the perfume and the monkey food in the bag. Cover the banana mold with the bag and the banana is almost done.

Walk through the door to leave the house and walk south to go outside. Walk further south to the portal and use the mold on the fire of the torch. There’s your BANANA. Walk south to reach the house again and go north to the front door. Enter the house and give the banana to the monkey. He’ll give you the next ASSIGNMENT.


Leave the house again and go south to speak to Dr. Zombie. Show him the assignment and he’ll give you the portable TELEPORTER. Now you’re on to your next mission. Walk south to the portal and north to see the wheel. Use the spinning portal to get teleported to the old lady’s house. Touch the old lady to take her life but it seems that you’re framed. Now you need to get your scythe and own body back.

Inside the mouth talk to the tooth rotter. Ask what he’s holding and if you can have it. In return for something sweet maybe. Walk to the north to reach the brain. The man sitting there is in no state to talk. Use the tiny brain to get some control of the body.

Pick up the marmalade from the table, followed by the bowl of sugar. That should be enough for the tooth rotter. Walk south to return to the mouth and see the tooth rotter knocked out. Pick up the piece of METAL he has. Walk north to go to the brain and walk to the left to visit the nose. Rub the piece of metal against the hairs to charge the metal. Walk to the right and talk to the man who now won’t let you to the brain.

Talk to the man and ask if he wants a hug. Tell him you can give him one if he wants to and then suggest to go to your place. Tell him he can play with your monkey and then it’s over with the man. Use the electric metal on the brain and the reset is complete. You have your new body. Now you need to get your own body back.

At the old peoples home talk to the guard. Ask him to let you in but he won’t. Walk north to the back alley and find a skeleton rat between the containers. Try to pick it up but you’ll fail. You need to catch him. Walk to the right to reach the front of the house and go south to see a map.

Go to your home on the upper right. Take the good BOX from the garbage can and enter the storage room next to the house. Pick up the RAKE standing next to the door and leave the shed again. Enter the house and take the CHEESE from the table. Pick up the PAN from the worktop on the left and leave the house. Go south to the map and select the junkyard on it.

Talk to the guard in the booth and ask him how to catch a rat. He’ll give you a BLUEPRINT and a piece of PIPE. Walk north onto the junkyard and take the ROPE from the crane with the rake. Go south back to the entrance and south again to the map. Visit the old peoples home. Walk to the back alley and look at the blueprint in your inventory. The way to make a trap. Add the cheese to the box. Tie the rope to the pipe and add the rope and pipe to the box. Put the box on the ground in front of the container and wait for the rat to get into the box. Then use the box to catch the rat. Pick up the box to take the  RAT.

Throw the rat through the open window on the upper right and the rat will make sure you can enter. Walk to the front of the house and when the guard is knocked out, enter the house. Pick up the TELEPORTER from under the bed and take the pink SLIPPERS as well. Then use the teleporter on yourself to go home. But something has changed there.

Walk south to the bridge and south again to the house. Enter the tent and talk to Dr. Zombie in the coffin. You need to get him out there. Enter the tunnel on the right. Keep walking to the right until you meet the DemonHunter. Tell him you’re death and you want to help Dr. Zombie. Tell him that you’re a friend. You need to prove it.

Once outside again, put on the pink slippers and get into the tunnel again. Pick up the SWORD and walk further to the right. Tell the DemonHunter that the demon took the sword but that you can get it back for him and beat up the demon. Outside again, use the pipe on the frying pan to make some noise and then enter the tunnel again.

Walk to the right and give the sword back to the DemonHunter. He now is your friend and you can get the key from the table. Walk back to the left and in the tent search the table. No key. Walk to the left to leave the tent and outside you’ll find the key, on a monkey. So now you need to catch the monkey. Use the rake on the evil monkey to get him from the tent and then try to catch the monkey. He’s too fast.

Enter the tent again and go into the tunnel. Walk all the way to the right and tell the DemonHunter about the monkey. Ask him for advice and then ask him to borrow his SWORD. Walk to the left and in the tent use the sword on the roof of the tent. Leave the tent on the left and use the rake on the monkey again to get him off the tent. Catch the monkey on the left again and when he jumps back onto the tent, he’ll fall through.

Enter the tent again and the monkey will run into the tunnel. Follow it into the tunnel and chase him until he’s standing near the DemonHunter.  Don’t get too close but sign to the DemonHunter to distract the monkey. When the monkey is busy talking to the DemonHunter take the KEY from his tail. Walk to the left to leave the tunnel and open the coffin with the key.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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