When you’re in front of the castle look at the castle and the bushes. Use the bushes on the right side of the castle to take a poisonous FLOWER. Walk to the left to enter the castle. From the shelf take the metal ORB and the conical FLASK. Use the sarcophagus to take off the lid. Then use it again to enter the castle.

Against the wall is a skeleton. Talk to the skeleton to learn about the locked door and the skeleton key. But you need another bone for that. Look at the oven on the left. There seems to be something inside. Use the oven to take the PESTLE AND MORTAR out. Use the flower in the pestle and mortar. Then use the grinded flower with the flask. Finally use the flask on the tap at the end of the pipe and you have a poisonous mixture. Use the stairs to go down.

You can see a green lump of moss. When you have a closer look you can see some rat droppings. Use your poison on the moss. Walk further to the right. In the center of the wall is a big magnet. You can’t just pass like that because when you hold the orb and walk to the right, you’re attracted to the wall.

Put the orb on the shelf and walk to the right to see the dragon. Behind him a big stone door but closed. Walk back to the left to the moss and find some dead RATS. Pick them up and take the human finger BONE as well. Walk further to the left and go back to the skeleton. Give the bone to him so he can make a KEY out of it.


Use the stairs again and walk to the right, to the dragon. Give the dead rats to the dragon. That made him disappear. Use the skeleton key on the door and enter the next room.

Cross the bridge and go through the opening on the right. You’ll get into a room with a big statue. The statue is holding a crystal! Underneath is a small BOWL. Pick it up. Under the bowl you find a small opening with what looks like bue glass. It seems that the orb should be in this place but you can’t get the orb past the magnet. Walk to the left, cross the bridge, use the opening on the left and walk back to the orb. Pick up the ORB again and walk further to the left. To the left of the entrance there’s a stream of lava coming out of the wall.

In your inventory use the orb on the bowl and then put the two in the lava stream. Walk back to the right, past the magnet and enter the other room. Pull the lever and the ORB will fall from the tube. Pick it up and go through the opening on the right. Use the orb on the blue glass under the statue. Take the CRYSTAL from the hand of the statue.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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