The professor broke the curse and now you can spread some evil, if only you could get out of this crypt. You might need a bomb for that.

Walk to the left where you can find your own sarcophagus. Double click on it to get the PERFUME, the NECKLACE and the SPEAR out. Walk back to the right and look at the big stone. It has one sharp edge. Use the necklace on the sharp edge to separate the PEARLS from the STRING. Use the spear on the stone to lift it a little, then use the pearls to put them under it so the stone can be rolled to the door. Just double click on the stone and it’ll roll into position. But you’ll cut some of your BANDAGE as well. Use the string on the perfume as a fuse then put the perfume on the stone.

Use the bandage on the torch and once it’s lit, use the burning bandage on the string to light the bomb. You can now spread some evil.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.


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