The Spaceship:

Look at the uniform hanging on the wall. There’s a messenger in it but there’s no message at the moment. Walk to the left and check the status screen and the navigation screen. Walk back to the right and the messenger starts beeping. Use the uniform again to take the MESSENGER with you (3/3). There’s 1 new message.

Look at the messenger in your inventory and read the message from Nia. She needs your help and gives you the approximate coordinates (5/8). Walk to the left and use the navigation screen. The screen is devided in four squares which are divided in smaller ones. Use the upper right big square (Q1). In that square, count 5 squares to the right and 3 squares. Use the star in that square to set the course to Isagor (10/18).

Leave the screen and use the speed controller to the right of the navigation panel to increase the speed and get to Isagor as soon as possible (5/23).



After some time you’ll reach Isagor (7/30). After the landing you pick up a weak biosignal. You must investigate. Look at the barrel on the left. There’s a crowbar on it. Pick up the CROWBAR (4/34).  Walk to the left and from there go north. On the peak of the rocks you can see a device. Look at the device to realize it’s a fingerprint scanner that’s normally used as locking device (5/39). Look at the center of the device to notice that the scanner doesn’t respond to cold, dead meat (5/43).

Walk to the left where you came from and then to the right in the center. You’ll find a Crystal Fruit tree. Take the FRUIT from the tree (6/49) and look at it in your inventory. It’s not the kind of fruit you want to eat.Walk to the right and find body remains on the right. Look at the body to see it’s from a Harg. Use the body to take the FINGER from the Harg (8/57).

Walk to the left and look at the device again. Try the finger on the device but it doesn’t respond. Walk to the left, then south to return to the shuttle.The engine nozzles are still hot so use the finger on the nozzle to warm it and remove the ice (7/64). Walk to the left and north again and use the device again. Put the finger on the fingerprint scanner again and you’ll hear the faint sound of a door opening (10/74).  [Note: I had to reload a saved game and try this procedure again because the door stayed shut.]

Walk to the south to return to the tree and  then left to find an opening in the rocks where first was a  solid metal door. In front of you is cracked ice and water. Looking at it, it seems that the water is ok. Use the door to go through.

The Bunker:

On the left is a cabinet. It’s locked but when you use the crowbar on it, you’ll find a KEYCARD and a BATTERY inside (10/84). Look inside the cabinet again to see a label with strange signs on it. You need to remember these. Use the keycard with the reader on the back wall. You hear the sound of an opening door again (4/88). Walk down the steps and through the door on the right.

You smell oil and you’re allergic to that so you need to be quick. Use the robot in front of you and enter the top row of  symbols you saw in the cabinet: number the buttons from 1 to 12 from left to right and enter: 4, 2, 7, 6 and 5. Push button 12, the green arrow and the robot will take care of the elevator (7/95).

Walk to the door of the elevator and it’ll slide open. Use the door of the elevator to enter and use the panel inside to go to the level below. You’ll see a Harg guarding something. Keep inside the tunnel opening because you can still sneeze because of the allergy. The Harg will leave and when he does, walk to the location he was standing.

Pick up the plastic CANTEEN (5/100) and when you walk to the right, there’s a safety net. In the net is a REMOTE CONTROL. Pick it up (7/107). Since you’re still sneezing, you can’t go further. Walk through the tunnel opening to the left and go up the ramp to the left. Walk up the steps on the left and leave the bunker on the left.

Outside, use the canteen on the WATER (10/117) and in your inventory use the anti-allergic pill with the canteen (15/132). You decide to drink to solution to kill the sneezing (10/142). Walk to the right into the opening again and go down the steps. Go through the door on the right and walk into the elevator. Use the panel in the back again to return downstairs.

Look at the remote in your inventory. The battery is dead. Use the battery you still have with the remote to revive it (8/150) and wait for the Harg to leave again. Use the remote on the receiver hanging on the far right at the bottom and a cart will take you into the mines (12/162). Here you’ll overhear a conversation between Hargs.

The Mines:

Standing behind the barrels, the Harg can’t see you, so don’t move (you can’t). Pick up some ORE from where you’re standing (3/165) and use the ore on the panel on the left. The Harg will leave (20/185). Look at the hole in the barrel on the right. Use your canteen with the hole in the barrel to take some of the OIL (8/193). On the back wall is a WEIGHT BALL. Although it’s heavy, take it (6/203).

Leave the room on the left and find Nia locked up. Then there are footsteps… When the Harg is gone again, give the teleporter to Nia and she’ll tell you about the solid door between the cells (20/223). Talk to Nia again and ask about the signs on the door. She’ll tell you about the rotated C and a mirrored L (10/233).

Walk to the right to enter the room you hid before and find a panel. Number the buttons from 1 to 12 from left to right and push number 5 (15/248). The door between the cells will open. Now that the crew is safe, you need to get out of there.

Walk to the left and walk into the elevator on the lower right. This will take you to the upper level again. There’s a Harg patrolling and you need to get rid of him. In your inventory, use the crowbar with the weight ball (20/268) and use the combination on the steel rope leading down. This knocks out the Harg for a few hours (25/293). Walk further to the left to find the spacecraft.

Use the spacecraft to find out it’s out of fuel. Use the canteen with oil on the feed-tank opening on the side of the ship to fuel up (6/303) and use the ship again to go inside. Time to leave Isagor.

Zigobi Orbital Restaurant:

The authorization system has detected you as an intruder so you had to land at the nearest location possible. Walk through the tunnel on the right to enter the restaurant. Try to talk to people to realize you need a translator. On the wall near the entrance is a vending machine. It sells translators but you need 3 Zinki coins for that.

Look at the serving droid as it passes and realize it’s an old model (2/305). Talk to the droid to see that they are not smart and controlled from a remote panel (2/307). Walk to the right twice to find an empty table. On the wall in the back is a panel to control the serving panel. Look at the panel and all lights are green. Leave the panel and take a KNIFE from the stand on the right (5/312). Use the knife on the STRING of curtain hanging on the left (10/322).  Leave the room on the left and return to the right. Look closer at the panel again to see one of the lights now flashing.

Push the button next to the flashing light (5/327) and walk to the left twice to see the droid serving the table. The droid will drop a coin. Pick up the Zinki COIN (8/335) and look at it in your inventory. It has a hole in it. Use the string with the coin (12/347) and use the combination on the vending machine to buy a TRANSLATOR. Talk to the Ada woman on the right and keep talking until she tells about her friend in the gambling room in the restaurant (5/352).

Walk to the right and talk to the Barabat guarding the entrance. He’ll tell you you need a membership card. Walk to the right to the room with the panel and find a chef behind the counter. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the failing droid. Give him the droid-2-droid brochure and he’ll give you his MEMBERSHIP CARD (10/362).

Walk to the left and give the membership card to the Barabat. Walk into the game room and watch the men playing. Look at the Ada male to realize it’s the friend the Ada woman is waiting for. He’s ruining his relationship. You’re standing next to a heater with opium fruits on it.

Using your opium fruit with the ones already there will ruin your fruit so use your knife on your fruit to slice it (6/368) and put it with the other fruits on the heater. Everyone will pass out (10/378). Next to Harg-Xoval is a paper folder. Use it to get some important DOCUMENTS concerning the rights of the mine (10/388).  Search the body of the Harg-Xoval to get an AUTHORIZATION PASS (15/403).

Walk to the left until you reach the spacecraft outside. Walk towards the spacecraft and use the hatch to enter. You’ll be able to fly away from the restaurant (17/420).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Nice game reminding of classic adventures of Sierra. I played all three parts. This one is easier than second one, which is hardest. Cosmos Quest 3 is the best from the series, with better graphics than the other two. I’m waiting for the fourth part.

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