Your brother locked you in your room.

Open the window and look outside. It’s a two storie drop… Look under your bed to find the DIARY and a box of CEREAL. Open the diary to find the page with the special formula. Now you need to find the ingredients. For an item that heats, take the CANDLE from the chest of drawers. Open the wardrobe and look inside. You’ll find a ball of YARN. Look at the top of the wardrobe to find a can of RED BULL.

Open the vanity unit left of the bed and look inside to find an empty BOTTLE. Pull the mirror to see what’s behind it and take the box of MATCHES. Now for the magic:

Put the cereal in the empty bottle and add the yarn and the red bull to it. Use the matches to light the candle and use the lit candle on the bottle and your potion is ready. Look at the page from your diary again to read the magic spell. Use the bottle with potion on yourself to recite the spell and use the potion. You now have long hair….


Open the chest of drawers and look in the drawers to find a pair of SCISSORS. Use the scissors on yourself to cut your hair. It’s not long enough to climb down though. Pick up the bed to retrieve the SHEETS and in your inventory combine the sheet and your hair. Tie the combination to your bed and you have a clever escape route.

Use the route to climb outside and search for your brother…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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