Case #1

You start at the balcony smoking a cigarette. Switch to Joey and talk to Lauren. This will make your mood better and stop smoking. Otherwise you’ll be on the balcony all day. Switch back to Lauren again. Look at your case-list. Two more to go. Just pick them in order. So number one first (or should I say number 4?) . Pick up your camera and voice recorder. Never know when you might need those. Go out the door and to Roosevelt Island Promenade. You’ll end up with a sax-playing ghost. But you can’t make any contact with him. Joey is a ghost. Let him have a go at it. Switch to Joey and talk to the sax-player. Not much chance. Try to grab his sax. That’ll stop him! The ghost will tell you about Johnny Ivory. Never heard of it. Discuss your findings with Lauren. She’s suggesting to find the name in the phonebook. There was one in the room on the table. Back to our apartment then. To leave, you’ll have to switch back to Lauren again.

In the phonebook search for Johnny Ivory’s. They’re listed so the address is there too. Let’s pay them a visit and listen to some real music. Talk to the piano-player. He doesn’t know much. Look at the pictures on the wall. There’s your sax-player!. Look at the sign underneath. Ask the piano-player again. Since he doesn’t have a copy, take a picture yourself. Take one of the piano-player as well, just for fun. Switch to Joey and let him do some research. Let him sneak up behind the player and let him look at the sheet-music. Notice the name? He still doesn’t know much. So back to your apartment to find the address of Jambalaya Records. The phone will ring but you’ll ignore your brother. Over to Jambalaya Records.

There’s Dwayne. Talk to him. You’ll learn about Cecil and C-sharp. So he was in that band. In your notebook, combine Cecil and the C-sharps. Take a picture of Dwayne just for fun. And let’s go back to Cecil again to talk about him and the C-Sharps. He’ll give you the name of the sax player and the name of a reporter. Keep talking until there’s nothing more to talk about.


Go home and consult the phonebook. There’s the address of the New Yorker. Let’s give them a call. Ask for Mitchell. Now you know who he is. Let’s pay him a visit.

Keep asking the reporter about Isaac. Eventually you’ll learn about Isaacs sister. Talk until there’s nothing more to say. Then end the conversation. Let’s talk to Cecil about Isaacs sister. He won’t tell you much. Let Joey study this Cecil character. Then Lauren has something to talk about. Let’s talk about love. You’ll find out that Cecil was in love with Sarah. Learn about the duet Isaac and Sarah played and ask about it. Ask Cecil to play the duet and use the voice recorder to record the piano piece. That’s all you need from Cecil. Now back to Isaac.

You’ll meet a lady here. It doesn’t matter what you’ll say to her, she’ll go anyway. Over to Isaac. Play the ‘exit’-tune from the voice recorder and talk to him. Just deny that you’re his sister and he’ll understand. He can go to the next world now. Case #1 is solved. There’s the lady again. She’ll explain her intentions. You’re back where you started. On to the next case.

Case #2

Like in case #1, let Joey talk to Lauren to get her stop smoking. Switch back to Lauren again and go to 53rd. The gate is locked but Joey doesn’t need keys. Switch to Joey and go through the gate. Talk to the ghost. You’ll need to convince her someone is there so go to the gate and talk to Lauren. Ask her to help you by knocking on the gate. That will attract her attention. Talk to the ghost. Actually it doesn’t matter. She won’t give you much information. Enter the trailer. Look at the things you can find. Right-click on the poster on the wall to get the name of the company. Read the letter on the desk (right-click) and make sure you read each section. Then back to Lauren. Let’s find some names in the phonebook. Start with Harriet Sherman. She’s listed. Then Seagram Realty. Not listed but that’s no problem. Call Harriet. Tell her that you’re from Seagram Realty (note how it says Seagram Reality), and she’ll give you her address. Let’s pay her a visit. But she’ll expect some money so we have to take the rainy day jar for that. Over to Harriets.

She only starts talking after getting the money so give it to her. Then start asking questions and keep asking until there’s no more information she can give you. Then ask for the belongings of Mavis and you’ll get an envelope. Since you can’t open the envelope here, go back home and open it and read the letter. So the journalist knows more. Take a look at the picture. Also note the text on his shirt. Head over to the New Yorker to ask about Mavis Wilcox. You’ll learn about her family. Back to the construction site to talk to Mavis again. Tell her this time that you’re her son and she’ll talk. You’ll get to know John and Sam. Get back to your apartment. Look in your notebook and combine John Durkin and Sam. Hmm… look them up in the phonebook. Bummer. The look for the number of Columbia University. Make a call to Sam. When asked for the apartment number enter 3D. Talk to him until he tells you about the gift for mothers-day.

Then leave for the New Yorker. He talked to Mavis so maybe he knows about the gift. Talk to the reporter. He can tell you which gift it was. Then to 53rd. Switch to Joey and go through the gate. Ask Lauren to knock on the gate to get Mavis to talk. Ask for the book and let her look for it. She’ll realize now. Just take her outside to Lauren. She’ll help her to the other side. Another case solved. And there’s the Countess again. You’ll end up in your apartment.

Case #3?

Talk to Joey. Brainstorm about what has happened. You can come to only one connection: the journalist. So head over to The New Yorker and talk to the man. End up asking him to write a story about you. Now back to your own apartment to just wait. Talk to Joey a bit more. Eventually the Countess will start knocking at your door. Open the door and let her in. She’ll try to ‘save’ you. When she’s about to strangle you, use a cigarette from the inventory to poke her in the face. Joey will take over from here.

Talk to the Countess. Step back towards the balcony a little further each time so the Countess will follow you. Don’t make the distance too big or you’ll have to start again. When she’s almost near the railing, Lauren will wake up. Go to the Countess and push her. The Countess dies but another life is saved. Call your brother for a happy end.

Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

20 Replies to “Blackwell Unbound – Walkthrough (Wadjet Eye Games/2007)

  1. everything I’ve played from Wadjet Eye so far has been a blast and I’ve never really been a fan of adventure games before. Gemini Rue got me hooked and I’ve been going through all their games since.

  2. Graciella, are you serious? I had exactly the opposite reaction. I liked the first, but this one felt a lot more polished (easier though). Lauren is a great character, and after playing this I’m dying to play the next one. Which I’m going to do right now 😉

  3. Wow, absolutely HATED this game. After the first one it was a huge letdown. Terrible graphics, an uninteresting main character and, overall, a lame story. I didn’t even bother finishing it. Hoping the third game is better as I LOVED the first one.

  4. OMG!The Countess almost killed Lauren and then i..i poked in her eye that cigarette and there was blood a..and..she fail down from the balceny! XD

  5. I am also stuck on the part where you need to record the duet on the dictaphone. Joey has studied Cecil. I can get him to play the duet, but the dictaphone won’t record it!

  6. ok in that cecil and c-sharps thing go to jambalaya records and speak to dawye about the c-sharps and cecil then u can go to cecil and talk to him

    hope that helps u 🙂

  7. Hey Benito,
    thanks a bunch for the help!!Completed the game jst now,but for ur help,it wn´t hv been possible.Thanks agn.

  8. hi arka,
    make sure you combine “Cecil Sharpe” and “C-Sharps” in your notebook, then talk to both dwayne and cecil about the combination

  9. “And let’s go back to Cecil again to talk about him and the C-Sharps. He’ll give you the name of the sax player and the name of a reporter. Keep talking until there’s nothing more to talk about.”
    Hey Leon,this part is simply nt working.Cecil refuses to give anybody´s name!!Please help!!

  10. im stuck on this part ?

    And let’s go back to Cecil again to talk about him and the C-Sharps. He’ll give you the name of the sax player and the name of a reporter. Keep talking until there’s nothing more to talk about.

    this part is wrong what it says in the walkthrough i have tried and tried to get names out of cecil and he refusses each time. i need help

  11. Did Joey study Cecil already? Do you know about Cecil’s sister (mentioned by the reporter)? When you found out about Sarah and the relation between Isaac and Sarah, a duet is mentioned. Ask Cecil to play the duet and record that with the voice recorder.

  12. Hi Leon,

    I’m stuck on the dictaphone! I keep trying to record Cecil playing the tune, but it keeps saying something like ‘Why would I want to record that?’ I’ve been on this dictaphone thing for the past half hour! Please help!

    Thanks a bunch!! 🙂

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